Local news translated, July 28

Daily Host Nation Stories July 28, 2020

Mayor Kuhn appeals to travelers on the eve of the holiday season

With the coming travel season in mind, Lord Mayor Fritz Kuhn appeals to the citizens to be careful when it comes to Corona, even on holiday. After all, the virus is spreading worldwide at a rapid pace. There is great concern that travelers could become infected while abroad and carry the virus back to their homes.

In a video message published on 28 July, Mayor Kuhn said, “Of course, like you, I’m looking forward to the holiday season and the summer, and I know that many people want to travel . But the virus is still there. That’s why we must be very careful.” There is a threat of an increase in the number of infections and therefore a threat of a second lockdown, said the mayor. “The biggest concern is that there will be a second wave.” Extensive measures would once again be necessary to control the infection level. Kuhn: “Therefore, when you travel, be careful everywhere, even when you travel to countries that are not designated risk areas. It is up to each individual to avoid a second wave. “Carelessness is the greatest enemy of a careful handling of this virus,” said the mayor.

Kuhn warns, “If at all possible, do not travel to high-risk countries. If you go there, you must be in quarantine for 14 days when you return. That is the regulation. You must know that you can very easily carry the infection from certain countries into our city Stuttgart.” He as Lord Mayor can only say, “To prevent the second wave in our city, we all have to be more careful again. This applies at parties, at shopping, at work.” Wherever distances should be kept, hands should be washed regularly and masks should be worn – “for your own protection and the protection of others.” (Press release city of Stuttgart, July 28)

RKI has “great concerns” about rising infection rates

According to the Robert Koch Institute, the development of corona infections in Germany and the world is not good. “The latest development is causing great concern to all of us at the Robert Koch Institute,” said RKI President Lothar Wieler at a press conference convened especially for this purpose. The relatively low infection rates in May and June would show “that we can contain the virus,” said Wieler. “For several days now we see that these numbers are increasing significantly.” In the last seven days alone, 3611 cases of infection have been reported. There are 9122 deaths in Germany in connection with Covid-19. “We must now prevent the virus from spreading again rapidly,” said Wieler. He was also concerned about the changed mood in society. According to surveys, the population now considers the corona virus to be a lower risk. There is also a decreasing acceptance of protection concepts, in particular of keeping distance, hygiene and mouth and nose protection in particular places. (Robert Koch Institute, July 28)

Parents’ council is expecting school closures also next school year

The Federal Parents’ Council is skeptical about the planned resumption of regular school operations in the new school year. The chairman, Stephan Wassmuth, assumes that the coming school year will “by no means run like a regular school year.” Area-wide school closures are possible. The association therefore demands concrete plans from the states for a scenario B with a mixture of classroom and home schooling. (Rnd, July 28)

Outbreak in Mamming – travel restrictions for entire county

The corona eruption on a vegetable farm in Mamming in Lower Bavaria also has consequences for the travel opportunities of the inhabitants of the district of Dingolfing-Landau. The government of Schleswig-Holstein explicitly classified the district as a risk area. According to information on the homepage of the government of Schleswig-Holstein, vacationers from the district must now enter a 14-day quarantine and report to the local health authority if they want to enter the state. Excluded from this are people with a negative corona test, which is not older than 48 hours. According to BR information, people from the district are also no longer allowed to enter Mecklenburg-Vorpommern without a valid test. (Ntv, July 28)

Manchester-Berlin travelers return with virus

In the Berlin district of Spandau, a married couple returning from travel to Manchester, England are now believed to be responsible for spreading the corona virus. As reported by the “B.Z.,”On July 16, despite having symptoms of a cough and sore throat during their flight home to Germany, the couple did not go to the doctors until six days later. Since then 13 people know to have been in contact with them have tested positive, and another 37 are in quarantine. “So far, no one has been hospitalized, but one can never predict how things will develop,” said a female public health officer. (Ntv, July 28)

Antwerp imposes a night curfew due to a sharp rise in cases of coronavirus

The Belgian province of Antwerp is introducing a night-time curfew due to a sharp increase in coronavirus infections. Beginning on the 28th of July, the inhabitants of the entire region bordering the Netherlands will have to stay at home between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m., as decided by the crisis management team. Wearing a face mask is mandatory in all public places and where the safety distance of one and a half meters cannot be maintained. Individual contact and team sports are prohibited for people over 18 years of age. Working from home is – if possible – mandatory. The province of Antwerp had recently become Belgium’s corona hotspot. Antwerp’s mayor Bart De Wever attributes the rising numbers to weddings, shisha bars, and gyms. (Welt.de, July 28)

Non-Corona News

An expensive wasp sting

A 24-year-old driving a VW was stung in the shoulder by a wasp while traveling in Leonberg (Böblingen district) on Thursday afternoon. The surprise of the sting caused him to crash into an on-coming truck, driven by a 56-year-old man. Fortunately both suffered only minor injuries, but the damage to the vehicles amounted to around 27,000 euros. (Stuttgarter Zeitung, July 28)

Traps set for Tiger Mosquitoes

Last summer specimens of the Asian tiger mosquito ”Aedes albopictus” were found for the first time in the area of the Möhringen cemetery and in the Vogelsang in Stuttgart. In order to check whether this species of mosquito will be found there again this year, traps were set up at these locations by the TIGER project in cooperation with the State Health Authority of Baden-Württemberg and the City of Stuttgart.

From July to September the traps will be regularly checked for tiger mosquitoes. The tiger mosquito is a mosquito species with striking black and white striped legs and a white stripe on the head and back. It originates from the tropical climate zone, however, is now spreading throughout Europe due to climate change. The mosquito has been known to transmit diseases such as dengue or chikungunya. Therefore, it is important to identify areas where the tiger mosquito has settled at an early stage and to initiate control measures. Eleven egg laying traps have been set up in the Möhringen cemetery and the surrounding area. They consist of black plastic containers, and are 15 centimeters high and have a diameter of 15 centimeters as well. In the Vogelsang district 14 egg laying traps were set up. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, July 27)

Travel warning issued as the holiday season officially starts in BW

With the start of the summer holidays in Baden-Württemberg, the roads in the state are likely to become full on the weekend. But because of the corona pandemic, the automobile club ADAC expects less traffic than usual on the motorways. Because fewer people are currently traveling abroad, there have already been significantly fewer traffic jams on the past weekends than last year. The roads to recreational areas in the southwest, on the other hand, will be fuller than usual. Federal and country roads to Lake Constance or the Black Forest, for example, will be particularly affected, the ADAC announced on Monday. It expects a wave of travel from Friday afternoon on. Especially on Sunday, all roads could become full. “Holidaymakers with time flexibility should start on Monday or Tuesday in the first week of their holiday”, the auto club advises. At the beginning of next week, lighter traffic can be expected again.

Boeblingen district council approves new construction of the airport clinic

In its meeting on 27 July, the Böblingen district council approved the design planning and passed the building resolution for the new airfield clinic. This brings the construction of the Flugfeldklinik on the approximately 50,000 m³ site on the south-west edge of the airfield a decisive step closer.  “The path to this day has certainly not been an easy one. But in the end, the negotiations and lengthy planning were worthwhile: Because with the new Flugfeldklinikum, the people in the district will have a centrally located and well-connected modern hospital with high-quality medical equipment. Thanks to the concentration of the specialist departments at one location, patients can be guaranteed the best possible interdisciplinary treatment in the long term. The modern equipment and central location also make the Flugfeldklinikum, as the flagship of the clinics in the southwest clinic group, an attractive workplace for current and potential employees – an enormous advantage in the competitive job market in the care and medical sector,” so Vöhringer. With the building decision, the basis for the construction of the clinic has been created, and the excavation of the building pit can probably begin this summer. (Sindelfingen Press Release, July 27)

Driver crashes on A8 – Was he trying to kill his wife?

Günzburg/Leipheim – The police in Swabia are publicly searching for a suspected criminal who fled the Günzburg district hospital in Bavaria during the night of Monday. He is suspected of having intentionally caused an accident while driving a car on Sunday in order to kill his wife in the passenger seat. The Memmingen District Court issued an arrest warrant for attempted murder.

The police and the public prosecutor’s office assume that the German was steering the car on Autobahn 8 near Leipheim in such a way that it hit a noise barrier and rolled over. His 28-year-old wife was injured and was first taken to hospital. The suspect remained uninjured, left the wife on the Autobahn and fled, but was then arrested. Because the investigators have evidence of a mental illness of the 29-year-old, he was placed in the district hospital after the accident. From there he escaped during the night. According to information, the approximately 1.80 to 1.85-metre tall, slim, athletic-looking wanted man wore blue pajamas when he escaped and could have his dog, a black Rottweiler, with him. He jumped out of the car in the accident and has not yet been captured. Investigators assume that the 29-year-old is not a danger to the population. However, anyone who sees him or knows his whereabouts should not approach him, but should alert the police immediately. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, July 28)

Suspected triple murderer does not comment on his actions

Holzgerlingen – The alleged triple murderer of Holzgerlingen (Böblingen district) remains silent about the accusations. The 30-year-old allegedly killed a 27-year-old, her 33-year-old partner and his 62-year-old father. The bodies had been found in March in an apartment building. The Bosnian suspect is said to have lived on the upper floor in a rented apartment. After a manhunt he had been arrested in Italy on March 20. In June, Italian police handed the man over to German officials. He is currently being held in custody and will be questioned, according to police reports on Monday. (Stuttgarter Zeitung, July 26)