Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates » COVID Guidance for Official and Non-official Travel

All official and leisure travel is subject to DoD and Host Nation guidance and based upon unit travel and leave policies. Seek command guidance on any unit modifications to “Working Quarantine” guidelines detailed in USAG Stuttgart Quarantine and Testing Guidance.

Click here to view Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about travel to and from the Stuttgart Military Community

Reference Documents and Websites for Travel

  • General Order 1D: Applicable to all members of the Stuttgart Military Community
  • Stuttgart Army Health Clinic Quarantine and Testing Guidance: Applicable to all members of the Stuttgart Military Community
  • Re-open EU: A detailed, interactive guide provided by the European Union which details country-by-country requirements and information for travel
  • Robert Koch Institute list of “High Risk” areas: This link provides the most current listing of “High Risk” areas, as defined by the German government’s disease control and prevention institute. An English version can be found toward the bottom of the page, under “English Archive”
  • U.S. Army Europe “open” dashboard: Country-by-country guidance for PCS moves
  • Your unit/organization’s travel policy: Your unit or organization may have a policy which deviates slightly to the garrison’s policy
  • CDC Guidance on Returning to the US (for travel to CONUS): Current guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for travelers destined for the USA. The state of your final destination may also have its own requirements.

For travel within Europe:

  1. Be familiar with the references at the top of the page and visit the EU’s reopening website
  2. Select your destination, and comply with the entry, exit, and quarantine requirements at your destination.
  3. For the return leg, select your country of origin (i.e., your duty location) to ensure it is open for re-entry from your destination
  4. Comply with any quarantine requirement upon return to your origin.

For travel from OCONUS to CONUS:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the country you are traveling from, and
  3. Comply with the Travel Health Guidance and quarantine requirements on the left side of the site.

For return travels to Europe from CONUS or other OCONUS:

Follow the testing and quarantine guidance of the Stuttgart Army Health Clinic.