SAHC releases new quarantine and testing guidance

A U.S. Army medic conducts a COVID-19 test on a patient. Photo by Rick Scavetta, USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs.

The Stuttgart Army Health Clinic has released new guidance, dated June 19, on the quarantine and testing requirements for incoming personnel to the Stuttgart Military Community.

Click here to read the full memorandum.

What is the screening process for new arrivals?

  1. Arrive in Germany
  2. Depending upon arrival time, go to Stuttgart Army Health Clinic (Patch Barracks) for initial testing (day 1/2) (click here for drive-thru clinic hours). The organizational sponsor signs newcomers in at the gate, sponsor and newcomers will need to get out of vehicles, wearing masks, and provide photo ID and have their picture taken for access.
  3. Return to lodging and remain on strict quarantine until negative test results are returned.  The Clinic will contact anyone with a positive test directly. Based upon the volume of tests, the Clinic will not attempt to contact those with negative results.
  4. Obtain a Physician Certification of Exemption by visiting the clinic at 1500 hrs/3:00 p.m. on a day the clinic is open.  Depending upon testing time of the service member, civilian or contracted worker, the certificate may be available the same afternoon. Unit sponsors may not receive test results, nor can they be emailed due to HIPAA requirements. During testing, the newcomer can authorize the sponsor to pick up a Physician Certification of Exemption. Family member tests will be processed at another location and their Physician Certification of Exemption may take an additional day to get results. This certificate allows at least the sponsor to move into a “working quarantine” to provide care and feeding for their family.
  5. Go into a “working quarantine” (defined below and in the memorandum)
  6. Between the fifth and seventh (5th-7th) day after arrival, return to the Patch Clinic drive-thru for a second screening.
  7. Remain in a “working quarantine” status through the entire 14-day period after arrival.
  8. After 14 days have elapsed (without contact from the clinic indicating a positive test), the “working quarantine” expires and normal interaction with the community may resume. You do not need to return to the clinic unless you become symptomatic.

Note: Due to the volume of screening, the clinic will only actively contact those returning a positive COVID-19 test result. Those who would like confirmation of a negative test result may call or go to the Health Clinic.

What if a family member elects not to test?

If a family member elects not to be screened/tested, they must remain in full quarantine for the entire 14-day period.  To safeguard the community, the Preventive Health Nurse recommends the entire household remain in full quarantine.  Even with a family of four, if only three are screened, then the entire household stays in quarantine until the last family member tests or the 14-day period expires.

What is a “working quarantine?”

With the first negative test, an individual will move into a “working” quarantine category.  They may leave their lodging/residence for essential activities and for outdoor activities where close contact with others can be avoided (such as running, biking, hiking, or climbing). They should limit full interaction with the community for 14 days from date of arrival.  Avoid crowds, religious services, gyms, bars, visiting friends/relatives, going to cookouts, public transit, restaurants, swimming pools, in-processing rooms, face to face meetings, classrooms, sports, sporting events, “tourist-like” travel to city centers, festival events, etc. They should wear a cloth mask in public at all times and wash hands frequently.  Avoid travel and return to crowded/high density work areas.  Telework is recommended, if possible. If they must go in, then test every 3 days in accordance with CDC critical worker guidelines.

Clinic Hours: The Stuttgart Army Health Clinic’s Acute Respiratory Drive-Thru is open from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Click here for current information about screening capabilities and how to visit.