A construction crew struck an unexploded World War II-era phosphorus bomb today on Patch Barracks. The device was disarmed and removed by local authorities, and five workers were taken to a local hospital for observation due to exposure to vapors. There is no threat to Patch Barracks or the local community.Read More

Germany will conduct a comprehensive test of emergency alert systems throughout the country on ‘Nationwide Alert Day,’ Dec. 8, 2022. A message will be sent out at 11 a.m. across all available means, including cell phones (via mobile networks), radio and television channels, digital display boards, government websites/social media, and sirens/loudspeaker trucks/sirens.Read More

One person was transported by emergency services to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries after a vehicle accident at the Patch Barracks main gate. The barrier remains functional and gate operations are back to normal.Read More