Local news translated – Monday, Aug 16, 2021

Host Nation Update, August 16, 2021

Wide-ranging relaxations for vaccinated and recovered are in effect as of today

Stuttgart – New Corona regulation with far-reaching loosening of restrictions for vaccinated people and people who recovered from the virus came into effect today in Baden Württemberg. Those who belong to one of these two groups will again enjoy greater freedom in many areas from the start of the week, regardless of local or regional Corona incidence numbers.   The unvaccinated and non-recovered, on the other hand, must now present a negative antigen rapid tests much more frequently than before, each of which must not be older than 24 hours. This applies, for example, to visits to museums, hotels, gyms, exhibitions, hairdressers and indoor restaurants.   Among others, children who have not yet started school are exempt from the testing requirement. Schoolchildren are also not required to have separate tests, according to government data, as long as they are already subject to regular Corona testing in their schools.  For the unvaccinated and unrecovered wishing to visit clubs or discotheques, rapid antigen tests are not sufficient, but have to present even a negative PCR test, which has to be made in advance, and which may not be older than a maximum of 48 hours at entry and this PCR test is expensive. All previous contact restrictions and regulations for private events and celebrations, however, will be lifted. However, anywhere else – even for vaccinated and recovered people – the mask requirement remains in place. It applies, for example, in local transport, in retail, in hotels and at the vast majority of non-private events, at least in closed rooms. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Aug 16) 

Baden-Württemberg – Corona incidence number reaches 30    

Stuttgart – The number of new infections with the coronavirus within seven days in Baden-Württemberg continues to grow steadily. It was on Sunday at 30.0 infections per 100,000 inhabitants, as the state health office in Stuttgart announced (as of 16:00). The previous day, the value had been 29.3.  According to the report, above the 35 threshold are the urban districts of Mannheim (59.2), Pforzheim (40.5) Baden-Baden (38.1), Heilbronn (37.1) and Esslingen (35.5), the Main-Tauber district (40.0) and the Black Forest-Baar district (35.8), the districts of Lörrach (38.9) and Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald (37.6) and the Rhine-Neckar district (38.8). In the southwest, there are 44 urban and rural districts.  The number of confirmed Corona infections in Baden-Württemberg since the beginning of the pandemic increased by 157 to 511,420, while the number of deaths related to the virus remained unchanged at 10,436. There were 54 Covid 19 patients in intensive care at last count, 25 of whom were receiving invasive ventilation.

2002 intensive care beds of operable 2368 beds (84.5 percent) were occupied, according to figures released Friday. That figure is important in assessing the health system’s utilization. However, such beds are needed not only for Covid 19 patients with severe courses, but also for people with other conditions. (Stgt Nachrichten, Aug 16)

Corona regulation in Baden-Württemberg – Possibly no mask obligation in clubs after all

Stuttgart – Partygoers may not have to wear masks in clubs and discos after all. The Ministry of Social Affairs announced in Stuttgart on Monday that a mask requirement does apply in principle for indoor areas according to the Corona Ordinance. However, details on exceptions would be included in the explanatory memorandum of the regulation, which is to be published on Tuesday. “Since in clubs the 3G rule is tightened by a mandatory PCR test, the mask requirement on the dance floor could be waived here under certain circumstances,” an authority spokeswoman said.  In addition, club operators had offered on their own initiative to admit only vaccinated or recovered people in the future and to lower the occupancy rate somewhat in return. “We will offer the clubs for this week still talks and are confident that we come here to a safe, good solution,” said the spokeswoman. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Aug 16

                         | 7-D-I |  Chng
  Baden-Württemberg      |  30.0 |   4.3
  County                 | 7-D-I |  Chng
  LK Böblingen           |  19.9 |   8.4
  SK Stuttgart           |  32.4 |   5.0
  LK Esslingen           |  35.5 |   12
  LK Ludwigsburg         |  30.3 |   3.7
  LK Tübingen            |  22.7 |   9.6
  LK Calw                |  19.5 |   3.2

Barefoot hiking in the Schönbuch – Learn to feel with bare feet

The word already explains everything: you hike without shoes and socks. By the way, hiking with barefoot shoes is also considered barefoot hiking. These light shoes have only a very thin and flexible sole, no foot bed and no heel.

Barefoot walking is considered the healthiest and most natural form of walking. Because without shoes, our feet have to adapt to the unevenness of the ground with every step. This strengthens the muscles and prevents mal positions. In addition, it can even prevent back pain, says Philippe Clédon. Running without shoes is also ideal for preventing falls.

Can you do this anywhere? No.  Barefoot walking is better on a soft surface – for example, on a soccer field, on golf turf, on a sandy beach, on a meadow or on forest paths.  What do you need for barefoot walking?

Something to drink, sunscreen and insect repellent, and barefoot shoes if you have them. Alternatively, old wool socks or bathing/surfing shoes will work. You can put these on if the ground gets too rocky. For emergencies, it is useful to have aids against insect bites and tick bites, as well as plasters, fine tweezers, some disinfectant and a small magnifying glass to be able to recognize bites well. Philippe Clédon also recommends coconut oil against ticks. You can rub it on your ankles and also on your arms.

Philippe Clédon’s guided barefoot walks start at a hikers’ parking lot in Bebenhausen, a district of Tübingen on the edge of the forest. Those who sign up for a tour will be told the exact meeting place by mail. During the hike there are no refreshment stops, but there are several restaurants in Bebenhausen. There is even more choice in Tübingen.

A guided barefoot walk with Philippe Clédon costs 15 euros. Children up to 14 years pay nothing.  Some barefoot hikes are announced in the program of the Schönbuch Nature Park. It is even easier to sign up for Philippe Clédon’s mailing list, then you’ll receive information of all his events. He also offers forest bathing and sports courses. His mail address is: info@movincoach.de  (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Aug 16)