Red Cross offers workshops to help military heroes and families heal


Graphic courtesy American Red Cross

Red Cross offers workshops to help military heroes and families heal

Workshops offer tools and resources for coping with stress, trauma and help ease transition after deployment.

By Lauren Lopez, PsyD
Resiliency Program Coordinator, American Red Cross Stuttgart Station

To help service members and their families recover and heal, the American Red Cross has created a set of workshops teaching skills that connect the body with the mind to help participants cope with stress and trauma as well as transitioning after deployment.

Michelle Bailey, Deputy Director for the American Red Cross European Division, shared on July 24 that “the American Red Cross held a Facilitator Training this past weekend at the USAG Stuttgart station on Panzer Kaserne. We hosted facilitators from military communities throughout Europe and Asia-Pacific. This training has enabled us to provide our military communities with American Red Cross certified and licensed mental health professionals that conduct resiliency workshops at no cost.”

Red Cross Mind Body workshops focus on the interaction between the mind and body, and the powerful ways in which emotional, mental, social and spiritual factors can directly affect health. Reconnection workshops focus on skills building to enhance the likelihood of positive reconnections with service members and their families following a military deployment. Used together, these alternative methods can help address common stress reactions.

These workshops and community resiliency programs are offered by the Red Cross to further enhance the extensive Red Cross presence in communities and on military installations around the world for service members, veterans, and family members.

To find out more about the Resiliency Program and workshops, reach out to your local American Red Cross team at,, or (0)9641 70 596 2812.