Local news translated – Aug 15, 2023

Graphic by U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart Public Affairs Office

Host Nation Update, Aug 15, 2023

Weather in Stuttgart and region – When will the thunderstorm come?

Stuttgart region will possibly experience hail and thunderstorms, as it has been humid for days. Clemens Steiner, a meteorologist with the German Weather Service says that the different forecast models predict very different weather, which makes it very difficult, as thunderstorms are extremely difficult to forecast, he says. “It’s like boiling water in a saucepan, at which point the individual bubble ultimately rises is hard to say,” the weather expert explains.  The air mass has been the same for days, he said, and is “unstably stratified.” That suggests the region could see a thunderstorm and possibly severe weather, including heavy rain, hail and squalls, over the next few hours or days, he said. “The potential for that is there,” Steiner said. Focal points can be identified, he said, but not the specific locations.  And what’s next? “Toward the weekend, it will become friendlier, drier and sunnier,” Steiner says. Temperatures are expected to rise once again. “From Friday, we expect up to 34 degrees,” says the expert, and we’ll leave the sultry weather behind.” Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Aug 15.


Asian hornet spreads  – How dangerous is the Asian hornet?

Even its name inspires respect: Asian hornet. The Latin generic name is “Vespa velutina nigrithorax”. The hornet species, which actually occurs in East and Southeast Asia, is now also native to our latitudes.

How aggressive are Asian hornets?

According to Benjamin Waldmann, invasive species officer at the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of the Environment, the introduced hornets do not pose a threat to humans because they are not particularly aggressive.

Nevertheless, one should not strike at the animals or come too close to their nest. “Then there is a risk of being stung.” The behavior of the Asian hornet here is comparable to that of the native species or wasps, he said.

Why do hornet finds have to be reported?  Baden-Württemberg has launched a reporting platform for the Asian hornet, according to the Ministry of the Environment in Stuttgart. Because it does not belong in Central Europe, nests of the animals must be reported and removed.  The hornet species is on the EU list of invasive species. However, it is time-consuming and expensive to remove a nest, because in some cases the nests hang in treetops at heights of up to 35 meters. That’s why a turntable ladder from the fire department usually has to be used, explains Waldmann.


Due to their body size, hornets have a correspondingly larger venom blister content than honey bees, but the venom has a lower potency. In addition, the venom of hornets and wasps is less toxic than that of honey bees. The dose of venom that enters the body via the bee sting is about ten times that of a hornet and wasp sting. The fact that a hornet sting can be subjectively perceived as more painful is due on the one hand to the longer and stronger sting of the animals. On the other hand, it contains the component acetylcholine, which is not found in the venom of honeybees, other wasp species or bumblebees.  Hornets, like wasps, are provoked to sting by breathing and blowing on them. If you come across a hornet’s nest, the main thing you should do is stay calm and breathe steadily, advises Carsten Pusch of the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (Nabu) Schleswig-Holstein. “This is because the insects react to increased carbon dioxide exchange.”  (Stgt Nachrichten, Aug 15)


Sindelfingen rocks – Best entertainment with Robbie Williams and Tina Turner

Robbie Williams, Iron Maiden, Tina Turner, Bob Marley and U2 (Tribute bands) – They can all be heard this summer at the Sindelfingen marketplace. From August 2 to 30, the event series “Sindelfingen rocks” will take place every Wednesday. And the organizers have managed to bring a colorful mix of tribute bands to the Daimler city.

The Tina Turner show from Austria on August 16 will feature 13 musicians from Austria and is particularly moving this year – after all, the Queen of Rock died in May. “The show will feature her hits from the last 50 years,” says Johannes Leichtle. “It’s a beautiful tribute to a great musician.”  The artist in question on Aug. 23 is also long gone from the living. The Cologne tribute band Marleys Ghost is dedicated to the work of Bob Marley – in full. “The singer lives his role,” knows Johannes Leichtle. “It’s definitely going to be something different.”    On August 30, Sindelfingen Rock closes with Tribu2 from Vienna, whose members pay tribute to U2. “They were here before in 2016 and are musically quite outstanding,” Johannes Leichtle enthuses. In addition to U2’s hits, he says Tribu2 is also known for a great show, including an LED screen.

Cooperation with the city of Sindelfingen also continues to work well. “Communication with the public order office and the new city manager is great,” says Johannes Leichtle. “We have built up a great constellation there.”

The overall concept itself is based on last year. The stage will once again be located at the bottom of the Planiedreieck. “The line of sight from the top down is simply nicer,” says Johannes Leichtle. What also remains the same is the culinary supply. There will once again be various food trucks on the event grounds, where you can buy burgers, red sausages and this time also Latin American specialties.   However, the organizers want to move away from glass and switch to reusable cups instead. This is for logistical reasons, he says, as glass is rather costly to transport and wash. In addition, there has also been a lot of broken glass in recent years, which is to be prevented by the reusable alternative.  Johannes Leichtle also points out that self-brought drinks are not welcome. Since Sindelfingen rockt is still free for visitors, the event series is mainly financed by catering revenue. “If people bring their own drinks, it hurts the overall concept,” says Johannes Leichtle. . “We expect a nice, peaceful get-together.”   (Kreiszeitung BB Bote, July 2023)