Stuttgart Theater Tops ‘Toppers’

Photo by Marcus Fichtl

By USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs

🎭 Congrats to our Stuttgart thespians for once again coming out on top at ‘Toppers.’ Catch their next show “Hello Girls” at the Kelly Theatre, Friday, May 20 at 7:30 p.m.
Please give a virtual clap (or real, we cant see you at your phone or computer) for our Stuttgart winners and the Xanadu Pegasus, which won a special award!
🏅Outstanding Debut Performance
Grant Coleman as “Hermes” in “Xanadu, Jr.”
🏅Outstanding Supporting Female Role in a Play
Kristen Bailey as “Princess Dragomiroff” in “Murder on the Orient Express”
🏅Outstanding Supporting Male Role in a Play
Martin C. Jelonek as “Col Arbuthnot” in “Murder on the Orient Express”
🏅Outstanding Youth Male Role in a Musical
Caspian Waner as “Danny McGuire” in “Xanadu, Jr.”
🏅Outstanding Featured Performance in a Musical
Robert Munson as “Zeus” in “Xanadu, Jr.”
🏆 2022 American Association of Community Theatre (AACT) Spotlight Award
Laurel Cooney, The Stuttgart Theater Center