Stuttgart dominates at Prague MUN Conference

By Hannah Rhoden
Senior, Stuttgart High School
Special to The Stuttgart Citizen

Twenty-two young ambassador-students from Stuttgart High School traveled to Prague in the Czech Republic to participate in the Prague Model United Nation (PRAMUN) Conference, Jan. 10-14.

The conference has been hosted annually at the Jan Neruda School of Prague for the past 10 years. The delegates were interactive and actively involved in passing resolutions, amendments, taking charge in committees and during the final General Assembly.

True to SHS’s history at PRAMUN, “The students did amazing as always,” said Kurt Hickey, SHS history teacher and PRAMUN sponsor.

Students from Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Czech, Russia and other countries gathered together for the conference. The Youth Forum was the first event of the week and it allowed students to familiarize themselves with each other. The forum began with a discussion of two quotes and how the quotes affected the cultures of individuals.

The next day, students had the opportunity to see the city during a walking tour of Prague, where they learned the history of many famous buildings, bridges, cathedral, and the Astronomical Clock.

Stuttgart MUN sponsor Kurt Hickey snaps photo of the Prague scenery while on a walking tour of the city, Jan. 11. Photo by Hannah Rhoden.

“The architecture in Prague is so different than other places I’ve been. Living in Europe really broadens your perspective on what is possible architectural wise,” said Joshua Lucy, a student from Naples, who represented Ethiopia.

The second day concluded with a ceremony, hosted by the founders of PRAMUN, Phillip and Kathie Schmoll, in which all the students and sponsors participating in the conference gathered in the auditorium for speeches and recognition of schools.

On the third day, the debating began. Every school was assigned one-to-three countries to portray. Students then choose topics they wished to debate on and the topics for committees. Committees were in session all day as student’s debated topics such as cyber security and children’s rights, working to pass resolutions that allied all nations to better solve these worldly issues.

SHS represented China and South Korea, commanding a strong lead in all the committees.

“Everyone is always so active in committees, engaging and acting as their countries. It has been great to see for the past 10 years!” said Phillip Schmoll at the closing ceremony.

After a long day of debate, committees met the next morning to finish their resolutions to present during the General Assembly. There were speakers for and against every resolution. Each student then voted to pass or fail two resolutions from each committee.

Stuttgart had seven speakers in the General Assembly. Also racking up 12 honorable mentions, dominating the lead during the conference.

The PRAMUN Conference allowed students from around the globe to debate, interact and make lifelong friends with students of their own age.

“It’s my first year at PRAMUN, and my first time in Prague. I love that I get to meet new people from all over the world!” said Nicholas Blake, a first time delegate from Ramstein, Germany.

All smiles as the group of 22 Stuttgart PRAMUN participants gather together for a group photo in front of the Prague skyline, Jan. 11. Photo by Monika Jergens.

This interaction of the conference was captured by the PRAMUN Media Team in their short film, watch it here.

For more information regarding the SHS Model UN, contact the school at DSN: 431-4000.

For more information regarding PRAMUN, visit the PRAMUN Website: