School Talk Feb 21, 2013

Effectively addressing bullying in schools requires community involvement, education, and clear procedures for responding to incidents when they occur. Administrators and officials in Department of Defense Dependents Schools-Europe have been working on such a program for the past two years.
Here in Stuttgart, DoDDS schools are actively developing comprehensive bully prevention programs tailored to each school that will teach students to recognize, respond  and report bullying.
Patch High School has a “Report Bullying on Patch” button on the school’s website that give students a venue to report bullying without having to worry about their peers.
PHS students are also doing their part in bully prevention education.
The PHS Video Communications class has produced three anti-bully public service announcements. Watch them at
The School Liaison Office is available to provide bully prevention briefings designed specifically to any organization or groups needs. Just contact the School Liaison Office to set it up.  
Remember, everyone needs to be proactive if we are to reduce and eliminate bullying in our community.