RBES students live out history lessons

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By Janis Renninger
Robinson Barracks Elementary School Public Affairs Office

Have you ever wanted to travel back in time to visit a great leader, scientist, or artist? Wouldn’t it be amazing to talk with a living president?

During a recent lesson at Robinson Barracks Elementary School you could do just that. The 4th grade students of Galen Nagel and Jim Clark’s classes hosted a Living History Museum, March 29.

The students prepared for the one-day activity for an entire month by researching an important person from the past or present. The students learned valuable writing and research skills while learning all about their influential person. Some of the research subjects included Albert Einstein, Anne Frank, and Mae Jemison.

After completing reports, timelines, and even designing a new stamp for their biographical figure, the students were assigned to “become” the person. They prepared costumes and speeches to assume the roles, all written in the first person to present to their fellow classmates. The entire student body signed up for times to visit the fourth graders museum exhibits. Fellow students were able to talk with each of the influential characters.

It is one thing to read about history in books and another to experience it!