Robinson Barracks Community Town Hall Recap April 2017

By Holly DeCarlo-White
USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs Office

A Robinson Barracks Community Town Hall Meeting took place April 11, 2017 at the RB Chapel. The discussion was led by Col. Glenn K. Dickenson, U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart commander, with points of contact available from each garrison directorate to answer questions, and give information. The command team attended the meeting without slides or pre-guided answers in order to openly answer all questions asked, guiding the conversation through the community’s voice.

Read the article on facility closures, fitness centers and commissary consolidation here.



Is the RB Library permanently closed?

No. The closure is temporary. Personnel were needed to staff the main library on Patch Barracks which received higher traffic. Once hiring actions can be completed, the garrison is taking into consideration the suggestion to open the library one day a week, looking at what the right time is for the community. Also with the awareness that is is not just for books, the library is also a community meeting place.

Could a volunteer man the library?

Family and MWR Director is looking into this.

The RB Club/Brewed Awakenings/Movie Theater Closed

Family and MWR operated facilities and programs have to earn money in order to support the people working there. The customer use was not high enough to maintain the services. the Friday movie nights were run by the bartender, so when the bar closed, there is not personnel available to continue to show movies.

Is there a community space for residents to use or rent for events? 

The RB Club is available to rent. Community members can contact or stop by the fitness center for information and payment. Cost: $25 (first hour), $12.50 for every hour after that.

The garrison is aware of maintenance issues within club facilities, some work must be contracted because of liability issues. Family and MWR is looking into volunteer options.

Community Suggestions:

  • Use of breezeway between the Library and Club.
  •  A vending machine for coffee.

Does Outdoor Recreation deliver to RB?

Yes, any delivery and setup must be arranged in advance. More information here.

What if I am not receiving German Mail?

The garrison Postmaster, under the Directorate of Human Resources, interacts regularly with DHL and Deutsche Post. Contact the Postmaster to report any issues. The garrison will continue to work with Deutsche Post.

Why did the fitness center hours decrease? Are you closing the gym on RB? 

Fitness is essential, however, the budget does not pay for more than one fitness center per garrison, even though there are multiple installations. To ensure fitness facilities are available on all installations, the hours has to reduce. The budget and personnel are stretched to keep all facilities open. Hours were set based on usage tracked by swiping in when entering the facilities. The hours can adjust but can not be expanded at this time.

The garrison is in the process of implementing 24/7 access to Kelley and Panzer fitness centers with mission partner support.

What are the plans to consolidate the commissaries?

The project is confirmed to consolidate all USAG Stuttgart commissaries to one services hub on Panzer Kaserne, with construction planned to start in 2019. The RB commissary will not close until the new Panzer commissary opens in 2021.

The garrison is in discussion with The Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) on how to keep basic services, such as shoppettes.

Can the commissary hours be adjusted to add morning hours?

A commissary representative stated hours are adjustable, not expandable. They can look into options that may work for the community. Shopper foot traffic is tracked in order to justify current hours of operation.

What is the status of the six duplex homes?

The environmental team along with our German counterparts have conducted a study of the area and the garrison has decided not to re-inhabit those buildings. They will likely be demolished once funding is available to do so.

Will there still be services at the chapel when the Chaplain retires?

Yes, however, there will be a gap in daily mass for about two months. There are two contracted Catholic chaplains, in addition to other branch chaplains within the garrison to fill in for services including Sundays. There may be a gap in full-time services until the new chaplain arrives.

Child Care and Family Programs

The garrison is open to bringing before school childcare, Strong Beginnings and Family Advocacy Program (FAP) classes to RB.

Participation of a minimum of 10 full-time children need to be signed up (not just a drop in), in order to start the program.

Same for FAP classes, there is currently one trained staff member offering classes mentioned in the town hall,  such as Scream Free Parenting at Army Community Service. Pending availability of certified instructors and community member participation levels, ACS is looking into options.

Toddlers in the Park is available on RB and includes an educational aspect in addition social interaction.

Can we have a food truck come to RB?

Family and MWR stated they have had food trucks try out on RB before with low customer rates. The problem is, the trucks are operated by local businesses, registered to come on-post.  The usage has to be there for the businesses to want to come back, or be scheduled regularly.

What is the update on the RB Elementary School gym that has been closed? Can community members use it too?

The RBES Principal Becky Balcer stated the gym at the school is scheduled to be open for the next school year.  The gym is DODEA property, not a garrison facility.  Typically, authorization for use of those facilities is through a private organization or through CYSS.  School facilities are not for individual use on any installation.

DODEA is restructuring. There is a main superintendent in Kaiserslautern and a local community superintendent in Stuttgart. The largest district in all of Europe is Stuttgart.


When do you plan to add a road around from the bottom of the hill to have easier exit?

A project is on the books to connect the road across the field up to the front gate and traffic circle. The discussion is in progress with the Department of Public Works team to address the safety, environmental and financial aspects.

The Pedestrian Gate has been working well this year so far! What is the deal with Pedestrian Gates not always functioning?

Changes in temperature, from extreme cold to hot can create malfunctions in the gate. There are four different entities that control and maintain the function of the pedestrian gates:

  1. Department of Emergency Services monitors the gates.
  2. Contracts handle maintenance.
  3. 52nd Signal conducts and accesses the wires and lines.
  4. Department of Public Works handles structural items.

The turn-around time to repair a gate, if any piece of the gate control stops functioning, varies. Assessments are in progress but completion dates are unknown.

How to report a traffic violation:

School Bus: Take down the license plate number and as much additional information as possible. Report it to the School Liaison Office at civ. 711-680-7465 to inform the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA).

Duty Shuttle Bus: Take the plate number and as much additional information as possible. Report it to the Military Police (MP Desk) at civ. 0711-680-5262 or the Stuttgart Transportation Motorpool (TMP) Customer Service: DSN: 421-2389/civ. 0711-729-2389.

Service Members and Family Members: Report violations to the Military Police (MP Desk) at civ. 0711-680-5262 notating the license plate number, car type/color and as much additional information as possible.

In all instances, a photograph may also be taken of the driver and submitted in the report when possible.

What is the rule on passing buses (school or shuttle buses) on a military base?

See AE Regulation 190-34. Section 20, paragraph 6-B page 24 of 104 on Passing which states:

Drivers approaching or following buses that have stopped for passengers to get on or off on property under control of U.S. Forces (for example, housing areas) must always stop. They may proceed only after the bus has begun to move.

Who is Duty Shuttle Bus Service for?

Duty shuttle buses are a privilege and are intended for official business and personnel. Service members and civilians on duty have priority on the buses. All other potential passengers may ride on a space-available basis only. Parents are encouraged to have their children take the school buses and arrange after-school activity transportation.


What is the expected response of emergency services on RB?

The City of Stuttgart mandates a 12-minute response time for the first fire and technical emergency vehicle to arrive once a call is received. The ambulance and Emergency Medical Service (EMS) has a different guideline to respond in 15 minutes within Baden Württemberg. There are several factors that may increase their response time throughout the area, from traffic, to prioritizing the severity of the call if there are multiple emergencies occurring in the same time-frame. Response time has been an ongoing discussion with city officials, according to Fire Chief Karl Dörsam. The garrison is hosting a Force Protection Seminar, April 18 to meet and coordinate with Host Nation emergency responders.

Dörsam recommends for fastest response, call the civilian emergency response number in full: 0711 680 112.

Here are some things community members can do to be prepared in case of emergency:

  • ACS offers free classes for parents and children.
  • Red Cross offers CPR classes for adults and children, and babysitter training courses.


Contact for the RB installation coordinator is: civ. 0711-819-6033/DSN: 420-6033.

Contact the USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs office via email at: or message the garrison through Facebook, search for “USAGarrison Stuttgart”.