Siebenschläfer or dormouse awakens in spring

Siebenschläfer or dormouse is a squirrel-like mammal found mostly in Europe that carries no known diseases and is protected by German law.

The Siebenschläfer or dormouse is a rare, squirrel-like mammal found mostly in Europe. Siebenschläfer are around 12 inches from head to tail in length. The animal is shy, harmless and not aggressive, but noisy vocally in its movements at night as it is a nocturnal animal.

As spring arrives, the animals have been known to enter homes the Stuttgart area though small crevices; attics make good nesting areas for them. They are able to climb.

The animal is protected by German law, therefor can only be caught and removed in live traps if found burrowing in homes on or off-post. Violators of this law (including the garrison pest control contractor) can be fined up to €50,000. After a Siebenschlaefer is caught, because they are creatures of habit and may return, they must be transported at least 25 kilometers away and released in a wooded area or a meadow.

There are no known human health issues associated with these animals according to German officials.

What can you do?

  • Block entrance holes with metal grid.
  • Scare off with repellent / petroleum smell.
  • On-Post: Contact DPW O&M Pest Control immediately at DSN: 421-6261/civ. 0711-729-6261.
  • Off-Post: Contact your landlord immediately for Pest Control.