Month of the Military Child Essay: Pros and cons

By Andrew Smith
Patch Elementary School, 4th Grade 

 As a military connected child, I have lots of opportunities.

If you are a military connected child you normally only stay in one spot for two-to-three years. As you move, you get to see lots of new places, but some of the cons are you lose friends when you move. You never get to stay in one place for long.

Some of the pros are you get to see the differences of where you are and where you’ve been, and you get to see other places.

As a military connected child it is very fun to move and see other places I’ve lived. I’ve moved from California, Texas, and Bonn, Germany. I live in Stuttgart, Germany now. My dad is a retired Marine who’s been all over the world, and my mom works for the Air Force, so my experiences have been great.

I can’t wait to see what happens next, and I think being a military child is awesome.

Editor’s note: Essays from students across the Stuttgart military community are submitted to the School Liaison Office each March and published throughout the month of April on The Citizen, at the Panzer Main Exchange and read aloud on AFN Stuttgart radio to celebrate our military children in Stuttgart.