Military Child Monday: Brave Hearts, Resilient Souls Essay

Child & Youth Services celebrates our military-connected children by encouraging all youth to submit drawings or writings reflecting on the question, “What does it mean to me to be a military-connected child?”

Selected submission are on display now at the Panzer Exchange, and are being read aloud weekly on AFN radio. Works will also be displayed at the Spring Fest, April 28. Forms and submission can be picked up and dropped off at any CYS location, school or emailed directly to the School Liaison Office.

Brave Hearts, Resilient Souls
By: Sofia Hyatt

If someone asked you what it means to be a Military-connected child, what would you say? There’s one thing I can tell you for sure and that is, it’s hard. Having a loved one in the Military can change a person’s life. Soldiers are the people who fight for their country, they fight for what they believe in, they risk their lives to save someone’s they don’t even know. My family has many veterans that served in all different branches. I was born an Army brat and I was honored, once I learned what that meant. The men and women that have kids, have to let them go for a while. Trust me, it’s not easy on us kids either. We kids have to watch our parents leave and then you get that feeling once they’re gone that you didn’t give them a big enough hug. Then you ask yourself if they’re coming back or not. They finally do and that wait is over and you can feel happy again. After that, you think for a while and possibly talk with them and learn that there’s a reason why they deploy. They’re going to serve. They’re going to fight for justice and fight for freedom. They aren’t the only ones that have a duty. We have a duty too. And that duty is to pray that they’re safe and help out your family because not everything is about you. Them leaving is hard on you but it’s hard on your family too. Everyone will get that bad, awful feeling in their stomach and the best medicine for that is you. You show support, kindness, respect, and most importantly, love. I remember the day we welcomed my dad back home from his last deployment. I made him a poster and ran and gave him a big hug. We had welcomed him many times but that one was different. That one, we knew was his last, that’s why is was so special. They don’t mean to hurt you, they just mean to protect you. These people who leave their family might feel regret at times, but don’t let them fall to the ground, pick them up and show you’re strong too. These men and women are risk takers and hero’s that know what they’re doing. Whether a computer person or out in the field, your life is still in danger. Heck, stepping foot off that aircraft puts their life in danger but that’s what they signed up for and knew the consequences. So back to the first question. “What does it mean to me to be a Military-Connected child?” To me, it means everything. I feel honored because I know such important people to me and our country. To me it feels great that I get to travel the world and experience different cultures. To me, soldier is just another word for hero.


Month of the Military Child tribute art created by 7th grader at Patch Middle School, Camila Griffith.