Volunteering for the Army community is a rewarding experience

The spirit of Aloha fills the Patch Community Club as the Stuttgart ohana of volunteers are celebrated, April 25. Photo by Holly DeCarlo-White, USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs

By Charlene Schuler
Army Volunteer Corps Coordinator
USAG Stuttgart

 New in town and looking for something to do? Want to meet new people and do something you enjoy? Ready to give back to the community? Army Community Service and USAG Stuttgart need you!

Volunteering is a great way to network, do something you enjoy, try something new, apply the experience towards future employment, or possibly even meet the love of your life.

Volunteering provides a chance to give back to the community while also gaining valuable experience. There are many volunteer opportunities available throughout the garrison and private organizations. Some of the garrison organizations looking for volunteers are Central Processing; Directorate of Emergency Services; Outdoor Recreation; Child and Youth Services; and the Religious Support Office.  Private organizations looking for volunteers include the USO, American Red Cross, Stuttgart Community Spouses’ Club, and Harold Washington Military Lodge #128.

“I volunteer simply because I enjoy meeting all the people.  My wife and I met while volunteering and have since continued to volunteer together,” said Sgt. Corbett Lowder, 2018 Military Volunteer of the Year. Lowder and his wife Eunsil Song volunteer for the USO.

Ronald Taubitz, 2018 Senior Volunteer of the Year, said he wholeheartedly recommends volunteer work in the military community because it’s needed and appreciated. Taubitz volunteers as an ACS German immersion instructor and at the Stuttgart VAT office.

“It’s a great way to spend a few hours a day, week, or month making life a little better, and more meaningful for all concerned.” Taubitz said.

After registering with the Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS), volunteers can search through more than 400 positions available and apply for those that interest them. After applying, the organization’s point of contact will contact the volunteer and proceed with the application process, and discuss expectations between the volunteer and organization.

“I choose to volunteer because I have always enjoyed helping others and it is very fulfilling to me.  I feel it is a way to not only improve the lives of my own family but those of our school and community as well,” said 2018 Spouse Volunteer of the Year Sabrina Wilson, who recently transferred back to the States. “I hope to be an example to my children that with initiative, hard work, and kindness, you can accomplish some amazing things, as they are who inspire me to volunteer.”

Prior to PCSing, Wilson volunteered at RB Zentrum, as PTSA president for Robinson Elementary School, and for the garrison Public Affairs Office.

Volunteers can track their hours on VMIS for record keeping for service medals, promotion points, and the annual volunteer recognition ceremony that occurs in April every year. The volunteer can also generate DA form 4162 that serves as proof of volunteer service for future employment, scholarships and resumes.

Become a volunteer
For more information on volunteer opportunities, please contact the Army Volunteer Corps Coordinator, Charlene Schuler, at 596-3362 or 09641-70-596-3362. Volunteer opportunities can be found in the Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS) at www.myarmyonesource.com.