Stuttgart celebrates Chaplains Corps birthday

By Kevin S. Abel
USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs Office

RSOWednesday, July 27 was a day of celebration for Stuttgart chaplains, their assistants and members of the religious community, as they gathered for a luncheon to commemorate the 241st anniversary of the Chaplains Corps at the Panzer Chapel Fellowship Hall.

This birthday luncheon was to recognize and celebrate what members of the Chaplains Corps does every day for our community.  “You are the quiet professionals behind every single leader, every Soldier, Sailor, Airmen, Marine and Coast Guardsmen and their families who are in our footprint,” said Col. Glenn K. Dickenson, garrison commander. “Every day you handle problems of how people stay stable, how do they fix or mend relationships, or make them stronger.”

Since the Continental Congress established chaplains as part of the Continental Army on July 29, 1775, more than 25,000 chaplains have served in the U.S. Army as religious and spiritual leaders. Nearly 300 of have laid down their lives in battle. Seven members of the Chaplain Corps have been awarded the Medal of Honor.

Currently, more than 2,700 chaplains serve the Total Army representing a variety of religious denominations and organizations. Over 1,000 chaplains and chaplain assistants are mobilized or deployed in support of contingency operations throughout the world.

From their home military installations to Forward Operating Bases, chaplains and chaplain assistants perform their ministry duties in the most religiously diverse organization in the world.

The men and women who serve in the Chaplains Corps will continue be a source of help and counseling when needed by Service members in the Stuttgart community.