Prepare to pay cash at Esso stations in Germany

By USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs

UPDATE, JUNE 8: ESSO Card acceptance is now more widely available, but may not be supported at all stations. Some locations may be able to process ESSO Cards while not accepting credit card payments generally. Ask the clerk before fueling and prepare to pay in cash and save receipts, if necessary. See below for instructions on receiving reimbursement for purchases made at economy prices due to the outage.


Credit Card acceptance is currently intermittent at all German fuel stations and grocery stores as of May 25 due to malfunctioning credit card reader machines. This may impact those utilizing the ESSO off-post gas option.

This means customers need to be prepared to use CASH when paying for off-post gas and to save their receipt. Then those eligible for rationed gas may present their receipt to the Exchange’s customer service desk at the PX or the Patch and Kelley gas stations. The Exchange will then file a dispute and reimburse you to the rationed gas price.

Additionally, customers may be able to reimburse their fuel costs via email to

Subject: [Last Name of customer ] – ESSO Card Reader Not Working.

Body: Vehicle Registration Number

Attach: Copies of Registration, Receipt, Front of ESSO Card