Crafty young artists bring joy to local national senior citizens

Noah sent residents of local assisted living facilities thoughts of hugs, sunshine, laughter, rainbows, and butterflies as they have faced isolation during the COVID crisis.

By Rachele Pezzuti
USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs 

Nearly 100 posters and letters of encouragement hand-drawn by American and local national children were delivered to senior citizens at the Sindelfingen Haus Eichholzgärten by the U.S. Army Garrison Commander, Col. Jason W. Condrey and the Sindelfingen Lord Mayor, Dr. Bernd Vöhringer, May 15.

The crafty artworks of encouragement were the results of the “Giving Joy to Seniors” campaign the city of Sindelfingen created to encourage children to do handicrafts for seniors who were isolated due to restricted visitation measures caused by the Corona virus.

“I would like to thank all the little artists and wish the residents of Haus Eichholzgärten much joy with their new works of art,” said Vöhringer, who further emphasized that “with such a wonderful effort, we were able to make a small contribution bring generations together during this challenging time.”

Col. Jason Condrey, USAG Stuttgart garrison commander, delivers the box of artwork to a Sindelfingen assisted living facility on May 15

The Lord Mayor was very encouraged and greatly appreciated the participation and contributions of the American youth.

“I am especially pleased that many children of the Army Garrison have also painted pictures for our Sindelfingen seniors,” said Vöhringer. “The children’s artwork has brought a smile to the faces of our residents.”

“Giving Joy to Seniors” boxes were placed on Kelly Barracks, Panzer Kaserne and Patch Barracks for American children to place their artwork donations, and before long numerous works of art started filling the boxes.

“We appreciated the opportunity to have participated in this program and hope that the artwork we share will bring smiles and happiness to the senior citizens of Sindelfingen,” said Condrey. “Our children have enjoyed being involved in a project that will bring joy to others in this difficult time.”

The garrison has had its challenges with the Corona virus and Condrey understands and sympathizes with the challenges the German communities have also had to face.

“This health crisis has shown us just how much the US military community is connected to all communities around us,” Condrey said. “We live next door, and there is no doubt that we will get through this together.”

For senior citizens living in assisted living facilities, the effects of the corona virus on them were not only health concerning, but also personal as they could not leave the facility or receive any guests to include family members. This changed after the facility created a visitors’ room.

“This room can only be entered by visitors from the outside, while the seniors can reach the room from inside the home,” said Sylvia Schadt, director of the Haus Eichholzgärten. “The area is separated by a Plexiglas wall to guarantee special protection for the seniors.”

Speaking for the senior citizens who reside in the Haus Eichholzgärten, the management shared their appreciation.

“A heartfelt thank you, on behalf of our residents for the creative pictures from the little artists and the successful poster initiative by the city,” Schadt said. “Those children who participated in the Giving Joy to Seniors campaign and their parents are cordially invited to visit the retirement home “Haus Eichholzgärten”.