Baden-Württemberg’s phased COVID reopenings (May 28 update)

by USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs

A free space on the grass is usually much harder to find on Stuttgart’s Schlossplatz, seen here on May 3, 2020. Photo by Bardia Khajenoori, USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs.

Summary of Baden-Württemberg ordinance on COVID-19 infection protection measures

On May 26, the Baden-Württemberg state government updated infection protection measures.  This is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered legally authoritative.

The dates listed are as currently planned; an increase in COVID cases may lead local authorities to delay reopenings or re-institute certain measures as they judge appropriate.

Note that the lifting of restrictions on a type of business or service does not necessarily mean that all providers will choose to reopen at this time.


What is allowed?

 Staying in public places is currently only permitted alone or in the circle of members of one’s own household or of another household. You may meet with another family or the inhabitants of no more than one other household in public space, regardless of family relationship.

 In private residences, up to ten people from several households are now allowed to meet (instead of only five, as before). The limitation to ten persons does not apply if the persons are direct relatives (grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren) as well as siblings, their descendants or persons belonging to the own household. The life partners or partners of the persons named are also excluded.

What remains prohibited?

 German Foreign Ministry issued global travel warning through JUNE 14.

The steps of Feuersee, in Stuttgart-West are a popular local gathering spot. Photo by Bardia Khajenoori, USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs.


What is allowed?
 Starting JUNE 1, private events in publicly rented facilities – for example restaurants or event venues – can take place again indoors with up to ten participants and outdoors with up to 20 participants. These include birthday celebrations, weddings and christenings.

 Starting JUNE 1, Events with fixed seating for up to 100 participants can be held. This type of event includes concerts, theatre performances, smaller festivals, lecture events, cinema, events organized by associations, political parties, companies such as works meetings or shareholders’ meetings or public authorities, exams and closing events. Special conditions must be observed.
 Demonstrations permitted subject to special rules.

What remains prohibited?

Events with more than 500 people (concerts, festivals, sports events, etc.) will be prohibited until AUG. 31, 2020.


What is allowed?

 Starting JUNE 2, pubs and bars will be allowed to open again under hygienic conditions. Sports facilities can reopen, even inside closed rooms, such as in fitness studios and dance schools and similar facilities, if permitted by law. Here too, special conditions apply and must be observed. Swimming pools and indoor pools may reopen for swimming courses only.
 As of June 6, presumably, the first pools in B-W will be able to open again However, only possible under strict hygiene regulations and on basis of a detailed operating concept, which is still to be determined. More info to follow.
 As of JUNE 2, Bowling Centers are allowed to reopen by following strict hygiene measures

 Service providers such as hair salons, beauty parlors, massage practices, etc. allowed to open on 4 MAY. Service provider and customer must wear mouth-nose-covering; customer may temporarily remove facemask if specific treatment requires.

What remains prohibited? 
 Swimming for recreational purposes is not yet possible. However a change after June 6 is expected. Awaiting for detailed information.


What is allowed?
 Starting MAY 15, restaurants, cafes, beer gardens (indoor & outdoor) permitted to reopen provided distancing rules are observed and hygiene/sanitation concepts are in place.
 Dance facilities and discotheques will remain closed until further notice.


What is allowed?

 Starting MAY 29, hotels, amusement parks and leisure facilities are authorized to reopen subject to comprehensive hygiene protocols.


What is allowed?

 As of May 4: gradually returning students to school (priority to older students who are scheduled to complete their finishing/final exams this year and in 2021.
 May 18: Fourth grade students returned to school as well as students with special education/needs/other educational facilities.
 June 15: the plan in B-W foresees for all students to return to school in a rotating system with the purpose for all grades to receive a total of three weeks by physically being in an classroom setting (fourth graders then had five weeks as they returned to school May 18)

What remains prohibited? 

 Only limited school lessons are available.
 Only limited hours per day
 Normal school operation is expected after the summer vacation.


What is allowed?

 Starting MAY 29, Youth centers should be allowed to resume operations and open again
 Starting May 18: Day care centers gradually began expanding services with reduced capacities. The respective HN community/facility are responsible for the actual implementation within their AOR and strict hygiene measures apply.
 Starting MAY 11, emergency childcare at childcare centers and school facilities further extended to include parents in a variety of lines of work (in addition to essential personnel).

 Starting JUNE 2, daycare centers allowed to resume normal operations (with restrictions) for all children.


What is allowed?

 Starting May 9, sports activities allowed that do not involve body contact and allow for a distance of at least 1.5 m if hygiene/sanitation protocols are in place.

 Also as of May 9, indoor playgrounds, climbing areas and gyms, bowling alleys, squash facilities allowed to reopen provided comprehensive hygiene/sanitation protocols are in place.

 Starting June 2, fitness centers will be allowed to reopen. There must be a distance of at least 1.5 meters to all other athletes. Communal areas such as changing rooms and sanitary facilities must remain closed. All athletes must leave their name and contact details. Used sports and training equipment must be carefully cleaned and disinfected after use. Training of sports and game situations or exercises in which direct physical contact is necessary or possible is not permitted. Training with high-intensity endurance stress is currently only allowed outdoors.

What remains prohibited?
 Use of showers and washrooms not permitted.

This cinema in Stuttgart is one of many saying “See you soon!” to customers. Photo by Bardia Khajenoori, USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs


What is allowed?
 Starting 9 MAY, theaters, opera and concert halls, and other cultural institutions allowed to reopen subject to the rules set out for events (see above).

What remains prohibited? 

 Events and concerts where social distancing is not possible remain banned.


What is allowed?

 Allowed to reopen starting 15 MAY.