Put yourself on ice at the Zugspitze igloo

Photo Credit: Iglu-Dorf

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Christmas and New Year’s have passed, it’s really cold outside, the kids (no matter what age) are restless and mom and dad have trouble keeping everyone in the family entertained.

That’s when one wonders, “What’s there to do?”  Here comes the insider tip of the new year: the Igloo Village Hotel or “Iglu-Dorf” and bar at the top of the Zugspitze.

Be one of the first in this new year to brave the chill, at 2,600 meters above sea level for a night in an igloo.

The Igloo Village in Garmisch-Partenkirchen opened its ice-cubed doors for the first time during the 2005/2006 winter season.

From the end of December through the start of April, you could stay in one of the igloo standard or romantic suites or maybe just have a drink at the igloo bar.

The village is located in the heart of Germany’s most popular ski resort and presents visitors with the glorious scenery of the Zugspitze glacier.

View from the Zugspitze platform looking south toward Austria. Notice the gold cross in the left foreground marking the highest point in Germany. Author: John C. Watkins V, Wikipedia

These unique snow structures are created via a balloon system, using 3,000 cubic meters (sometimes more) of snow that is blown into balloons, which later are deflated and removed, leaving the cold white domes in their place. The hotel is the only one in Germany. Austria and Switzerland are home to four more.  Last year, more than 6,700 courageous souls stayed in these frosty accommodations.  Up to six people fit in a standard igloo while the romantic suite is reserved for two (you may want to plan ahead for Valentine’s Day.)

There are multiple activities available at the village during the day.  You can learn to build your own classic igloo, go on a snow-shoe hike, have a Swiss cheese fondue with friends, or just enjoy the sun while hanging out in a hammock.

For the not so tough visitors, the village offers a 38 degree Celsius warm Jacuzzi which you may enjoy during the night while watching the stars through the open dome ceiling.

No matter what you do to pass the day you probably will have a great story to share when you get home.

For more information visit:  www.iglu-dorf.com