The ABC’s of transferring schools

By USAG Stuttgart School Liaison Office

If you are PCSing and have students enrolled in any of the Stuttgart Department of Defense Dependents Schools, you may find the following tips useful:

As soon as you have orders, contact the USAG Stuttgart School Liaison Office. The SLO can link you up with the School Liaison Office at your gaining command. The gaining SLO will be able to provide you with local school information and any youth sponsorships available.

Notify the Stuttgart school(s) about your move. They will need a copy of the orders. Accelerated withdraw date for the school year is in May. Withdrawing no earlier than this date allows your student to get full year credit.

Ensure you have the following documents for your students:

  • Birth certificate
  • Social Security Number
  •  Immunization records
  •  Legal documents as needed
  • Proof of residency/military orders

Contact the School Meal Program at AAFES customer service to ensure you leave with a zero balance.
You should also request copy of student’s cumulative record (in addition to the sealed record for the gaining school). Although Stuttgart schools are sealing the records and letting the parents hand carry them, having a copy of the records is recommended. Maake sure you do not open the sealed package because this will void the official records.
If your student is in any special programs, make sure you get a copy of the Individual Education Plan, Individual Accommodation Plan, or any gifted program. These records are kept separate from your student’s cumulative record.

If your student is in sixth grade and above, it is recommended you get the course description and get a title page of each textbook your student uses during classes. This will give the gaining school the opportunity to see what was taught. There are many vague course titles that do not reflect actual concepts being presented in class.
If your student is 10th grade and above, request letters of recommendations from school staff (teachers, counselors, administrators). This will help your student applying for programs at the new school (NHS, scholarships, college admissions).

For more information about transferring your students to their new school, contact the School Liaison Office at 430-7465/civ. 0711-680-7465.