Updated COVID memo issued by garrison

The garrison leadership have released the latest and updated guidance, which includes a number of changes.
Most notably:
😷 Cloth masks are no longer accepted for anyone, anywhere on the garrison. At the minimum it must be a medical mask, or even better an FFP2 mask or equivalent for anyone over 5 years old. FFP2 masks or equivalent are currently required at off-post retail stores.
😷 COVID positives are required to notify their close contacts
🌐 A one click quick reference travel guide is now available on the app – Just hit COVID> Quick reference
👉 COVID-19 positive employees can come out of isolation at Day five (with day of positive test being day zero) as long as they have no symptoms. The only requirement after that is to wear a mask at all times for five additional days. NOTE: COVID positives before 12 January, will not be grandfathered in to the new rules and must complete their full mandatory quarantine.
👩‍🏫 We are aware there may be discrepancies between current garrison guidance and current DoDEA guidance. We are working to clarify this. Those with children attending schools should defer to current DoDEA guidance – check this link for more information: more information
Full guidance release notes can be found here