Tributes pour in for beloved community volunteer

Mr. Ronald Taubitz a beloved USAG Stuttgart community member.
USAG Stuttgart is sadden by the passing of Mr. Ronald Taubitz. Many members of our community have interacted with him around the garrison – he has been a valued member of this community for over 10 years.

Ronald volunteered with several garrison organizations including the USO, the VAT Office, and with Army Community Service as an English as a Second Language (ESL) instructor and as a German Immersion instructor. Some tributes from some of the lives he has touched were sent to the Stuttgart Citizen to share.

“Ron’s contributions to our VAT office were remarkable. Much of the tedious work would be completed in a timely manner by him thanks to his desire to be part of the team.  On many occasions, he would participate in some of our conversations, some political and others from personal experience.  He loved to hear Italian phrases and I could see in his expressions that he was constantly grasping ideas of other cultures.  We always looked forward to every Wednesday afternoon with Ron. His charming personality made the office atmosphere even more pleasant.  The news of his death deeply saddened us as we cared for Ron and always made him feel that he was part of the VAT/UTAP family”.

– Kenneth Ackermann-Jones
Manager, Stuttgart Tax Relief Office
USAG Stuttgart Family and MWR

“ACS is grieving the loss of our dear colleague and friend, Ronald Taubitz. His sudden death shocked both the ACS staff and his students. I really appreciated that he took his time to support the newcomers as our German Immersion instructor by teaching German every Wednesday at ACS. Not only did he teach the German language, but also the culture to help newcomers get more familiar with the host country. Although I’d only known Ron for a year, he very quickly had a place in my heart. He was a very cordial and warm hearted person and always willing to help people. We all terribly miss Ron and our thoughts are with his family”.

– Sonja Schoenharting
Relocation Readiness Program Manager
USAG Stuttgart ACS

“I met Mr. Taubitz on 7 Jul 21, while attending the ACS’ German Culture Immersion class for the first time. From that day on and for the next 7 months, I eagerly attended his class on Wednesdays. Mr. Taubitz demeanor and teaching style were so engaging that motivated me to continue attending the class. He used to provide us with everyday life examples of how and when to use common German phrases. He customarily started the class with the question: “Did you have any German experiences last weekend?” Then, depending on our responses, he elaborated on the specific phrases or words to use in those particular situations.

He possessed the rare quality of teaching the German language as part of the culture, which made his class even more valuable. I was positively impressed when I learned he was a volunteer. His commitment to religiously come every Wednesday and for one and a half hours to share his knowledge of the German language and culture with members of our community was admirable.

On Wednesday 23 February, I arrived at the ACS for class as usual. At that time, I was informed of his passing. The news was shocking since, just the previous Wednesday, I had had the privilege of being the only one attending the class and, therefore, enjoyed his lively descriptions of what appeared to be his passion: the Schwabian ways and landscapes. The Stuttgart Military Community owes so much to Mr. Taubitz. His contributions were invaluable and had a lasting and positive impact on every one who participated in his German Culture Immersion class. I was fortunate to do so. Thank you, Mr. Taubitz”.

 -Enrique Aguirre Ulloa
Chief, Military Personnel Division
Directorate of Human Resources USAG Stuttgart

“Mr. Taubitz was remembered by family and friends during his home going service held on March 14th.  Our hearts go out to the Taubitz family during this difficult time. Please keep them in your thoughts.”

 – Joy Ashley
Army Community Service (ACS)