Public transit strike ends early; normal operations as of Monday

An ICE train boards at a train station. Photo by Bardia Khajenoori.

Translated update from VVS, Jan. 29: “The strike by the German Train Drivers’ Union, which was originally scheduled to last until Monday, January 29, 2024, came to an end on Monday night. The trains are running according to the regular timetable again, but there may still be temporary disruptions on Monday.”

Information from Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund Stuttgart (VVS) – Stuttgart Region Public Transit Association

The German Train Drivers’ Union (GDL) has announced a nationwide strike at Deutsche Bahn from Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2024 (start of operations) to Monday, Jan. 29, 2024 (approx. 6 p.m.).

This will affect regional and S-Bahn services as well as Deutsche Bahn’s long-distance services. Light rail (U-Bahn), regional trains operated by Go-Ahead, SWEG Bahn Stuttgart and WEG as well as buses are not expected to be affected by the strike and will run as usual.

Please note: Even after the end of the strike, massive disruptions must be expected until the end of Monday’s operations.

Official public transportation applications such as VVS Mobil, SSB Move, and DB Navigator will be updated to reflect the actual status of operations during the strike. Additional traffic should also be expected on the roads.

Which means of transport are affected by the strike?

  • S-Bahn trains (S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6/S60, S62)

The S-Bahn Stuttgart is working at full speed to be able to offer its passengers any train services at all. The aim is to run the S1 (the line with the highest demand) every hour wherever possible.

  • Regional trains and Deutsche Bahn branch lines. These include the following lines:
    • RE5 (Friedrichshafen Stuttgart)
    • IRE6 (Aulendorf Tübingen Stuttgart)
    • RB14 (Rottweil/Freudenstadt Stuttgart)
    • MEX19/90 (Schwäbisch HallHessental Stuttgart): Isolated train connections may be in operation in the emergency timetable.
    • IRE200 (Ulm – Wendlingen): Isolated train connections may be in operation in the emergency timetable.
    • RB64 (Oberlenningen Kirchheim (T))
    • RB11 (Kornwestheim StuttgartUntertürkheim)
    • RB63 (Herrenberg – Tübingen – Bad Urach): Isolated train connections may be in operation in the emergency timetable.
  • Deutsche Bahn long-distance services (e.g., IC, ICE)

What is running?

  • Light rail (U-Bahn) and buses in Stuttgart and the surrounding area
  • Rail replacement buses, including DB buses (Stuttgart HBF – Vaihingen and Herrenberg – Böblingen)
  • Construction shuttle Stuttgart HBF – Vaihingen – Böblingen
  • The regional trains of SWEG Bahn Stuttgart, Go-Ahead and WEG

Occasionally there may be further train connections in the emergency timetable.