Solicitors at your front door are verboten

The holiday season is typically a time for giving, but it can also mean an increase in solicitation and door-to-door sales in local neighborhoods by religious and private organizations or services.

The Directorate of Emergency Services and local Polizei warn community members living off-post of heightened solicitation during the holiday season. Residents should not to allow anyone they aren’t expecting who approaches their home for solicitation, repairs or inspection in. If this occurs, always confirm with the landlord before letting them inside.

According to a survey conducted by the charitable donation site, three times as many people make donations during the holidays vs. non-holiday months.

Sign meaning begging and peddling forbidden. Photo by Holly DeCarlo-White

There are a few things community members can do to prevent unwanted solicitation or door-to-door service scams.

  1. Unless previously coordinated, always contact the landlord to confirm before allowing anyone claiming to be an inspector or repair person into the home.
  2. Place a sign on the front door that states: Betteln und Hausieren Verboten (begging and peddling forbidden).
  3. Place a sign on the mailbox that states: Keine Werbung  (no advertising)
  4. If a fraudulent claim to enter a residence is made, or if a person/organization continues to solicit or harass residents with sales etc, record any information that may be helpful about the individuals such as their description, the vehicle and license plate number, organization contacts or flyers, and dates of solicitation. Report it to the Polizei by calling 110.