Sindelfingen to recognize World Children’s Day September 20

Information provided by City of Sindelfingen

On the occasion of World Children’s Day 2020, all children in Sindelfingen are invited to take part in a decentralized balloon launch to set an example for the United Nations’ children’s rights – each one for themselves and yet all together!

On Sunday, September 20, the official World Children’s Day, all children in Sindelfingen can send their wishes and thoughts on children’s rights to the world by balloon. For this purpose, balloons and postcards will be available for collection at a total of 6 stations throughout the city between 2:00 and 3:30 p.m..

If the children want to, they can take the balloons and the postcards home with them and together with their parents and they can write down at home which child rights are particularly important to them. Information on children’s rights and what they mean is enclosed. The decentralized balloon launch will take place at 4 pm: All children let their balloon rise at home and send the children’s rights out into the world.

The pickup stations are:

1) Forecourt of the city library

2) At the steam train friends in the Sommerhofenpark

3) Ev. community center on the Goldberg (Goldbergstraße 33)

4) In Maichingen, at the Child Protection Agency (Sindelfinger Str.14)

5) Darmsheim at the office of TV Darmsheim 1908 e.V. (Probststraße 4)

6) Oak wood at the oak wood library (Theodor-Heuss-Straße 90)

Miriam Lay from the children’s office of the city of Sindelfingen can take away the fears of all those who are afraid to do something bad with the beautiful colorful balloons of the environment:

“Fortunately, there are 100% biodegradable balloons as well as caps. They degrade at the same speed as leaves falling from a tree. So we can use the colorful balloon launch as a nice sign for the World Children’s Day with a clear conscience.”

The colorful celebration of World Children’s Day in the Sommerhofenpark and the balloon launch associated with it have an annual tradition in Sindelfingen. Due to the current corona situation, the celebration must be cancelled this year. Nevertheless, the Children’s Office in Sindelfingen has come up with a nice way for all Sindelfingen children to set an example for children’s rights of the United Nations – each one for himself and yet all together! All information about the campaign is also available at