PCS Tips

PCS season is here. And with all of the excitement about your new adventure in a new country, it can be a little tricky to navigate yourself through certain customs and regulations of your new community, be it on or off base.  To help you navigate that process, we have this series to ensure you know all there is to know or where to search for answers when you feel lost. We have a special PCS edition you can pick up in hardcopy at any newsstand around the bases. To access the online version, click here.


Q: Do German contracts usually end automatically, or auto-renew?

A: German contracts generally auto renew, make sure to check out our story covering everything you need to know about German contracts on page 26.

Q: How do VAT forms work?

A: Check out page 27 to learn all about VAT forms.

Q: Where can I find a list of on-post religious services?

A: You can find that information on page 28.

Q: How do “zones” work for local public transportation tickets?

A: Check out how the German transportation system works on page 30.