New multi-level parking garage now available on Patch Barracks

Parking Lot
Drivers can utilize the entrance marked “Entrance DoDEA” to access the lower levels.

By Paul Hughes
USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs

The parking facility next to the Stuttgart Army Health Clinic on Patch Barracks is now fully open. The 160 spaces are part of a wider garrison effort to provide additional parking areas for workers and residents on the installation.

Ty Jones, the DPW Patch Barracks Facility Coordinator said “Since the removal of the lower commissary parking lot to make way for Stuttgart Army Health Clinic’s COVID testing lanes and the sewer replacement projects taking up additional spaces, the opening of the car park should help alleviate the problem with a lack of spaces.”

Although all car parking spaces are open, some of the finishing touches are still being made. The car park’s elevator is expected to be operational by the end of November, as well as some additional  spaces for those with strollers to be made available on level three.

Drivers can use the second entrance to access the lower levels marked “Entrance DoDEA,”

“These spaces on the lower levels are also available to all drivers until the completion of the school, at which point they will be reserved for DoDEA staff,.” Jones said.