Online connections for community members

The USO Stuttgart hosts a Tuesday morning online coffee chat.

By Ryann Hangsleben,
USO Stuttgart Center Operations Manager

With the changes to the norm we have all experienced lately, innovative ways of staying in touch with friends and loved ones has become essential.  USO Stuttgart is filling this gap by providing the means to do exactly that in their Virtual Coffee Connections.  The key word being virtual, these sessions are hosted online through the increasingly popular Zoom platform.

Tuesday mornings is BYOC or “bring your own coffee” when participants join in a lighthearted hour spent meeting other area spouses, playing games, and connecting right from the comfort of home.

Delia Castillo, a local military spouse, who has joined in these sessions says she finds “….that the Stuttgart Coffee Connection is a way to meet new people, share life and jobs experiences, and learn more about our community.”

All family members with a connection to the local military community are welcome to participate in these free events.

For more information and links to attend each session, visit Visit the center’s Facebook page and click on the Virtual Coffee Connections listing under the Events tab.