Weekend Demonstrations in Stuttgart 28 June

German riot police in riot gear
German riot police control a previous demonstration in the Stuttgart area.

By Force Protection, USAG Stuttgart

A demonstration of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) right-wing political party is scheduled to take place at the Schillerplatz, Sunday, 28 June, between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. Around 500 demonstrators are expected, as well as a counter demonstration.

Preparations for the Weekend in Downtown Stuttgart:

The Polizei in Stuttgart are demonstrating their presence after last weeks unrest, making 500 officers available. Currently there are no plans to cordon off particular areas or to impose a ban on alcohol.

“We’re depending more on communication,” Polizei spokesperson Monika Ackermann said. “The Polizei will observe the situation and seek contact with small groups to prevent gatherings and the influence of alcohol to escalate to a tipping point.”

The AT/FTP team strongly suggest that the downtown Stuttgart area be avoided during the hours of darkness, especially on weekends, as to avoid any possible civil unrest that may occur in these areas.

Guidance for Demonstrations/Protests

a. Practice your Situational Awareness, learn to “read” the crowd by keeping up-to-date on current events and happenings in your area.
b.  Carry a fully charged cell phone on your person with all necessary emergency numbers and contacts.
c. DOD members, Family Members, and contractors are strongly advised to avoid the demonstration area(s).
d. As with most demonstrations/protests, one never knows the intentions of all participants. Violent groups are known to attend peaceful protests as we have witnessed here in Germany and in the United States. The attendance of agitators and counter demonstrators are not always known to the event organizers and therefore your safety is at risk.
e. If you encounter a demonstration unexpectedly, depart the area as quickly as possible.  If it is unsafe to depart the area, seek shelter until it is safe to do so. Remember that some protestors may linger around the area after the protest has ended.  Never become engaged with the protestors.  Always follow the HN First Responder instructions.