National Preparedness Month: Low-Cost, No-Cost Preparedness

September is National Preparedness Month

German paramedics prepare to load a patient onto an emergency medical helicopter in front of the USAG Stuttgart headquarters building on Panzer Kaserne, Feb. 23, 2021. Photo by Becca Castellano.

Today’s tip: Natural disasters don’t wait for a convenient time. Preparing for them shouldn’t wait either. Start today by logging into ADPAAS to ensure all of your personal and family member information is current and to familiarize yourself with the system. Continue to take other low cost and no cost preparedness actions to lessen the impact of disasters and emergencies for you and your family.


After an emergency, all Army-affiliated personnel (Soldiers, Family members and Civilian employees) are to report their status to their command at the first available opportunity. In some cases, the Secretary of Defense will direct all DOD-affiliated personnel in the affected area to report their accountability status as soon as possible. When this happens, if you have access to the Internet you are to report your status online through the Army Disaster Personnel Accountability and Assessment System (ADPAAS). 

ADPAAS provides a way for Army personnel and their Families in the disaster-affected area to report their status and how they were affected by the event. It also provides commanders a means to assess the impact of the disaster on Soldiers and their Families to provide assistance where needed. You may also report your situation through your chain of command or by using one of the established call centers or hotlines listed below.

What is ADPAAS?

ADPAAS is the Army Disaster Personnel Accountability and Assessment System. It is a website designed to help Army personnel and their families directly affected by natural and man-made disasters.

ADPAAS allows personnel to do the following:

  • Update Accounting Status
  • Update Contact Information
  • Update Displaced (Safe Haven) Location
  • Update Family Member Information
  • Submit a Needs Assessment Survey

Why is ADPAAS needed? 

ADPAAS is a tool to report your status, current location, update emergency contact information and request assistance. ADPAAS helps Army leadership to account for personnel and to make decisions that supports you and your family.

Who can use ADPAAS? 

ADPAAS is available for all Department of the Army affiliated personnel and their Family Members. This includes Active Duty, Selected Reserves, National Guard, DA Civilians, OCONUS DA Contractors, Non-Appropriated Fund Employees and their Family Members.

Where is ADPAAS on the Internet? 

If you are displaced from your home or office, or do not have access to a computer, you can contact someone with internet access and ask them to use ADPAAS on your behalf. Alternatively, you can request assistance from local authorities and relief agencies. Contact your command supervisor or call the ADPAAS Information Line.

ADPAAS Information Line



Additional call centers and hotlines
Army Info Hotline
Army One Source
Within CONUS
Outside CONUS
Toll Free
Military OneSource
Within CONUS (24/7)
Website address
Spanish speaking callers
Hearing impaired callers


(484) 530-5980
(800) 3429-6477


ADPAAS Login Procedures:  Login Procedures

ADPAAS Information Brochure: ADPAAS

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