Hazardous Waste disposal procedures


USAG Stuttgart

Be aware of the hazardous waste disposal procedures!

By USAG DPW Environmental Department

Dumping hazardous waste in front of closed gates at hazardous waste accumulation points (HWAPs) is strictly forbidden. If anyone is caught dumping household hazardous waste in front of the HWAPs after business hours, it will be reported to supervisors and sanctions will be implemented. It has been a recurring issue that customers place household hazardous materials in front of HWAPs after duty hours. Items considered hazardous waste are substances containing chemicals that cause harm to the environment (soil, water) if released or improperly disposed of and could be a safety and health risk if handled improperly. A few examples are household cleaners, spray cans, paints, bleach, motor oil, etc. Disposal is only done upon appointment during business hours (07:30-15:00). POCs for the installations can also be found on the Stuttgart Garrison webpage under hazardous waste disposal.

Unopened and unexpired Hazardous Materials can be turned in at the Logistic Readiness Center (building 2956/8) also upon appointment only during business hours.