USAG Stuttgart COVID-19 “Great Ideas” Program Submission

USAG Stuttgart
COVID-19 “Great Ideas” Program
Do you have a good idea or would like to share a suggestion on how to improve our community or USAG Stuttgart services, especially as we continue to operate under COVID-19 conditions?
If so, the garrison team would like to hear from you.

USAG Stuttgart has a new “Great Ideas” suggestion box where community members and garrison professionals alike can submit their “Great Ideas.” Ideas are reviewed by the Garrison Assistance Team and referred to the appropriate service owner for consideration.

Here are the different ways you can submit your idea:
  1. Fill out the submission form and send it to the Garrison Assistance Team
  2. Garrison professionals and individuals with CAC access can follow the link on the garrison SharePoint homepage (direct link not posted due to network security considerations)
  3. Starting April 29, a form will be available on the USAG Stuttgart Mobile App (COVID-19 section -> Contact Garrison -> Submit a Great Idea)

We look forward to hearing your great ideas!

Click here to download the submission form.