COVID-19 Volunteer Opportunities

How can you help our community?

Do you need volunteer assistance? Scroll to the bottom of this page for more information.

Medical Volunteers via the American Red Cross

The Stuttgart Army Medical Clinic (on Patch Barracks) seeks qualified medical volunteers. Those interested should contact the American Red Cross Stuttgart Station. Information on volunteering with the American Red Cross in Stuttgart can be found here. If you are a qualified medical professional and want to inquire about how to volunteer in Stuttgart, please send us an email.

Personal Assistance Volunteers

Opportunities to assist community members affected by isolation or quarantine orders. Opportunities to help high risk community members with:

  • shopping / errands
  • Video/telephone calls to keep someone company.

If you would like to volunteer to help your community, please send us an Email.

Request Help from a Volunteer

Are you in need of assistance?

We have members of our community ready to help you. We want to protect our high-risk community members and those that have been isolated or quarantined. Volunteers are ready to help with:

  • shopping / errands
  • check-in call

If you would like to request help, please send us an Email.