Back to school amid coronavirus precautions

Sporting an Avengers coronavirus mask, Liam Hall waits for his
second grade class to begin at Patch Elementary School, at Panzer Kaserne in
Böblingen, Germany. (Photo by Rick Scavetta, U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart)

By Geoffrey Morris, Stuttgart Citizen volunteer

For the first time since March, students at U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart are back in school.

On Aug. 24, Stuttgart High School, Patch Middle School, Stuttgart Elementary School, Patch Elementary School, and Robinson Elementary School all reopened for in-person learning. The openings came amid new coronavirus restriction measures.

“We want to set expectations from day one,” said SHS Vice-Principal Vincent Power, on the high school PA system at the start of the day.

Students at the five schools followed similar precautions including extensive mask-wearing, social distancing wherever possible, hand sanitizing and washing, and delaying entry into the schools.

Classrooms were arranged to allow for the greatest distance between each other – in some rooms enough to not have masks on during class.

Students at Patch Elementary School, a Department of Defense
Education Activity school in Böblingen, Germany, recite the pledge of
allegiance, Aug. 24. (Photo by Rick Scavetta, USAG Stuttgart)

At Stuttgart Elementary School and Patch Elementary School, both on Panzer Kaserne in Böblingen, students lined up with their teachers before going
into the building. There students learned how to physically distance themselves.

At Patch, teachers wore buttons with their images on them, so students know what they look like behind the coronavirus mask.

“Students came to school ready to learn, and teachers were prepared as well,” said Sonja Rodriguez, Patch Elementary School Principal.

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Video by Becca Castellano, USAG Stuttgart