Sponsorship is a program designed to assist Soldiers, Civilians and Family Members as they move between installations throughout their career. An effective Sponsorship Program will promote Readiness for individuals, families and units. Moving is stressful. Communication with someone already in-place can ease the stress. Contact your Sponsor at least 4Read More

No, the lending closet it open to all personnel who are ID cardholders and are in or out-processing and can provide a copy of their PCS orders. When relocating to a new installation, you can borrow basic household goods from your ACS Lending Closet. Keep in mind that item availabilityRead More

Pre-inspections are highly recommended, but not required. Pre-inspections advised the service member of his/her responsibility to bring the quarters to an established standards. Pre-inspections are also intended to inform service members of damages that need to be repaired or possible charges for damages. By not having a pre-inspection in someRead More

Outgoing personnel who reside on-post should inform the housing office as early as possible.  Preferably 60-90 days out. For services members and Civilians who live off-post, in conjunction with receipt of PCS orders, a termination notification should be sent to the landlord via registered mail or signed by the landlordRead More