Local news translated – Sep 26, 2023

Graphic by U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart Public Affairs Office

Host Nation Update, Sep 26, 2023

Cannstatt Volksfest – Soldiers marching in

On Monday, 2,600 soldiers marched into the beer tent at the “Wasen” wearing their very own “traditional attire”, namely “camouflage”; and were ordered to “drink beer”. The tradition to attend the “Wasen” in uniform was founded by the German Bundeswehr 46 years ago. Fest tent host Moritz Haake and the Fürstenberg Brewery had invited soldiers from 13 nations, including Germans, Polish, French, Dutch, Swiss and Americans. Many years ago, this tradition was founded by the “Atz brothers” at the “Schwabenbräu” tent, Alexander Laub continued it, and later on by Peter Brandl, as he took over the baton at the “Fürstenberg” tent. His successor Haake continues to host “this great event”. As a reward, he received an invitation to Pfullendorf, the Bundeswehr training center, where he received an invitation to simulate a parachute jump, which can make you feel dizzy, as well, even without drinking any beer.


Today’s Police campaign

The slogan “sicher.mobil.leben” (safe.mobile.life) is the motto of  today’s Polices’ campaign on September 26, across all federal states. The Stuttgart police are also taking part in the safety campaign. They will be monitoring traffic at various points throughout the city.  This year, the campaign is focusing on the vulnerable group of people using the road; those who walk  by foot, use the bicycle, or electric scooters. “Consideration in view” is therefore the motto of the day. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Sep 26)


Marbach’s horse parade

You don’t have to be a horse lover to be enthusiastic about the Marbach’s stallion parade, which is Germany’s oldest and largest stud farm. Probably everyone’s heart swells when a gaggle of foals leap through the arena with their exuberant joie de vivre, and probably everyone is moved when 20 white Arabian mares gallop by to oriental music; elegantly and beautifully wild. On Sunday, October 1, and on the national holiday on October 3, the stallion parade will take place two more times.

The guest country this year is the Netherlands. Thus, the group “De Fryske Quadrille” showed difficult driving formations: Eight two-wheeled chaises are pulled by two Friesian horses each; figures like a cloverleaf or a windmill are presented with a lot of timing and teamwork. There was a polo match between German and Dutch riders, though who won in the end was lost in the hubbub. And there will be many groups in historical costumes, which reminded of the year 1648: At that time, peace riders were on the road in all countries to announce the end of the Thirty Years’ War. Following on from this and in commemoration of the war in Ukraine, children in Marbach rode hobby wooden horses to all corners of the arena and sent out wishes for peace to Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy The stallion parades always start at 12 noon, but the gates of the farm are already open from 9:30 am. The farm is primarily concerned with breeding Black Forest Foxes, Old Württembergers and purebred Arabians. (Stgt Nachrichten, Sep 25)


Kites fly by day and by night – Kite festival in Malmsheim with night show and colorful program

Many have been looking forward to it all year: On Saturday and Sunday, October 7 and 8, the kite festival of the Sportfliegerclub Malmsheim will take place at the airfield near Renningen. Kite pilots from all over Germany will present their big and small sky stormers on the large area of the Bosch research campus: whether sweet tiger, gigantic blue whale or the most unusual fantasy figures. The weekend will be rounded off by a colorful accompanying program, a nighttime demonstration, and plenty of space for hobby pilots who want to circle their own kites.  The event begins at 11 a.m. on Saturday and at 10 a.m. on Sunday. Professional pilots will fly their impressive kites on a large fenced in area. There will be several other attractions; such as a small children’s amusement park with a carousel and a bungee trampoline. Those who are enthusiastic about gliding can examine a glider on display. Contact persons will answer all questions about flying. New this year is a glider simulator where visitors can virtually “be taken to the skies.” The final event on Saturday will be the night flying program starting at 7:30 p.m., followed by a fireworks display. The night flying show uses special kites that glow when illuminated from below. Visitors are therefore welcome to bring their own flashlights.  The number of visitors speaks a clear language in this respect: Last year there were around 40,000, about 10,000 more than in previous years. Accordingly, the sports pilots do not want to create a farewell mood, but rather celebrate a happy festival with all their visitors. “And build on the fact that it can be held here again next year.”

Admission to the event costs three euros per person, a family pays eight euros. There is free parking in the immediate vicinity. The event is highly dependent on wind and weather. Short-term program changes are therefore possible.(Stgt Nachrichten, Sep 25)


VfB Stuttgart is booming – what makes the stadium experience so special

Times are not exactly rosy for those making short decisions. Anyone who wants to watch a Bundesliga match of VfB Stuttgart live in the stadium these days has to plan their visit in the long term. All games are sold out weeks in advance – even against teams like Darmstadt 98, who don’t exactly have a reputation as “block busters”. VfB is a draw, regardless of the opponent. And it has offered its fans a lot in its home stadium this season. Three games, three wins, 13 goals. The euphoria in Bad Cannstatt is no coincidence.  “The Bundesliga manages a good balancing act between attractiveness and affordability when it comes to ticket prices.” The cheapest season ticket seat at VfB this season cost 360 euros (21 euros per game) – in the English Premier League, many clubs charge twice as much. However, that would be feasible  in this country. VfB has not yet lost a Bundesliga home game since taking up his post in April. In seven games.

Number eight is due on October 7. The opponent? Not a particularly spectacular one in the form of VfL Wolfsburg. Nevertheless, the game is sold out again. (Stgt Nachrichten, Sep 25)