Local news translated – Thursday, May 12

Host Nation Update, May 12, 2022

Current COVID situation in Baden Wuerttemberg
The B-W State Health Authority (LGA) reported that as of 11 MAY 2022, B-W had a hospitalization 7-D-I of 2.9 (±0), there were 121 (±0) COVID-19 patients in ICUs, and COVID-19 patients in B-W occupied 5.4% (-0.1) of the total operational ICU beds. RKI reported those numbers Germany-wide at 3.92, 1,064 (-30), and 4.9%, respectively. As of 11 MAY 2022, B-W had 12,015 new cases, 14 additional deaths, and about 261,838 active cases. Sixteen of B-W’s 44 counties had 7-D-Is over 500, including Tübingen (574.7) and Stuttgart (784.4). The 7-D-I rate in B-W was 464.6 (-6.7), below the national 7-D-I average of 507.1. The estimated reproduction rate in B-W was 0.92. In B-W, as of 11 MAY 2022, 8,344,000 (+205 / 75.2%) people had received an initial vaccination, 8,195,587 (+296 / 73.8%) were fully vaccinated, and 6,805,318 (+5,488 / 61.3%) had received booster vaccinations. (B-W/RKI)

Latest Mask rules on flights
The EU Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the EU Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC) announced yesterday, 11 MAY 22, that effective Monday, 16 MAY 22, new recommendations for mask wear in aircraft will apply. Individual airlines will establish mask wear policies on their aircraft. Passengers on flights to areas that still require mask wear on public transportation are encouraged to wear masks on flights, and vulnerable passengers should likewise wear FFP2/N95/KN95 masks during flight. In a separate move, France has dropped its requirement to wear masks on public transportation. France has a rate of approximately 403 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last seven days (7-D-I). (ECDC/SWR)

Construction work around Ulm – Train cancellations and replacement until the beginning of June
Rail travelers in the region around Ulm must be prepared for cancellations and longer travel times in the period from May to June. The reason is work on the new electronic interlocking in Ulm and at the station in Senden (Neu-Ulm district), In Senden, platforms, elevators and staircases would be renewed.

As a result, trains will be cancelled, travel times will be longer and substitute bus services will be provided until June 7. Both regional and long-distance traffic will be affected. Train connections between Ulm and Augsburg are therefore expected to be cancelled time and again. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, May 12)

Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt – Full closure of the Rosenstein bridge from Thursday noon
Rosenstein Bridge in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt is to be completely closed from this Thursday, 2 pm. As reported, the bridge is dilapidated. It will have to be demolished in the foreseeable future and replaced by a new structure.  Since the beginning of May, there has been a ban on trucks passing over the Neckar crossing, but recent investigations have now shown that the reinforced concrete structure is no longer structurally sound, so it will also have to be closed to cars immediately.

The Rosenstein Bridge in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt is to be completely closed from this Thursday, 2 p.m. onwards. As reported, the bridge is dilapidated. It will have to be demolished and replaced by a new structure.  (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, May 12)

Young top talents perform at symphony concert at Böblingen’s Martin Luther Church on May 27
Beethoven’s 7th Symphony and his Romance in F major for violin and orchestra are on the program of a symphony concert planned for Friday, May 27, at the Martin Luther Church in Böblingen. Starting at 8 p.m., the orchestra Camerata Viva from Tübingen will be there, as well. Organizers are the Evangelical Church Community of Böblingen and the Rotary Club Böblingen-Schönbuch.

Luisa Schwegler from Böblingen will accompany the orchestra as soloist. The 20-year-old violinist regularly achieved top scores at the competition called “Jugend musiziert”, and has won numerous national and state prizes.

State winner at “Jugend musiziert”: Cellist Jonathan Wagner from Weil im Schönbuch

The former student at the Albert-Einstein-Gymnasium in Böblingen was a member of the Federal Youth Orchestra as well as concertmaster in the Baden-Württemberg State Youth Orchestra and the “Young Chamber Orchestra Stuttgart”. Numerous concert tours have already taken her all over Europe, to the USA, Japan, Australia and South Africa. She is currently studying with Anke Dill (violin) and Michael Hauber (piano) at the University of Music and Performing Arts (HMDK) in Stuttgart.  Further musical guests are the young cellist Jonathan Wagner from Weil im Schönbuch and his accompanist Rose Chen. Jonathan Wagner qualified for the national competition in June at this year’s state competition “Jugend musiziert” with a first prize. He will play the first movement from the “Sonata op. 6” by Richard Strauss. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, May 12)