Local news translated – March 7, 2023

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Host Nation Update, March 7, 2023


Sindelfingen: This is what the marketplace will look like

Visualizations of the future Sindelfingen marketplace and the old town have recently been on display at Planiestrasse 1. They are intended to inform as well as to arouse anticipation for the new city center.

Sindelfingen. “The marketplace is at the heart of our city. What happens there is important for the whole of Sindelfingen,” says construction mayor Dr. Corinna Clemens. “For this reason, major inner-city construction projects should be visible even before the actual construction period. To this end, we would like to inform citizens regularly: before, during and after the construction period of the underground parking garage and market square,” says Dr. Corinna Clemens.

“With the redesign of the marketplace, we will create an attractive, new face for our city center. This means family-friendliness, appealing attractions, a renovated market square underground parking garage, a barrier-free design, but also that greenery will be preserved. The visualization at the Planie shows the winning design for the market square, which the municipal council decided to implement in October 2022, and how we envision the new market square. This whets the appetite for the coming changes,” said the construction mayor.

Felix Rapp, Managing Director of Sindelfingen Economic Development, adds: “Our city center is facing some profound developments: With the target image process, a vision for the next decades is being developed; at the same time, the start of construction of the underground parking garage and the market square is getting closer. Even during the construction period as part of the redevelopment of the underground parking garage and the redesign of the market square, we as the economic development agency will continue to ensure an attractive city center: for example, at the end of March, we will start again with our popular Saturday promotions at the weekly market to strengthen the market even before the redevelopment measures.”

The redevelopment of the market square underground garage will begin in 2024 and is scheduled for completion in 2028. Last year, an open space planning competition was held for the redesign of the market square surface, in which the office BHM Planungsgesellschaft mbH emerged as the winner with its competition entry.

Currently, the office is working on another variant for the proposed footbridge in the southwestern area as well as a concept for shading the marketplace. The concretization of these points was a major concern for both the jury and the municipal council. The groundbreaking for the renovation of the underground parking garage is scheduled for 2024, with construction on the market square starting a year later. (SZBZ, 7 March 2023)


Sindelfingen: The musical “Naturally Blond” celebrates its premiere

Sindelfingen. At the premiere of the musical “Natürlich Blond” under the direction of Monika Roos and directed by Tobias Walldorf, the 48 students of the senior choir of Sindelfingen’s Goldberg-Gymnasium (GGS) thrilled the audience in the school’s sold-out auditorium with bombastic dance scenes, gripping songs and plenty of humor. Musical professionals Lisa Maria Wehle and Kevin Tarte were involved in the rehearsals.

Since September, the members of the GGS Upper School Choir, aged 14 to 18, had been rehearsing the musical, which is based on the 2001 film of the same name (originally “Legally Blonde”) starring Reese Witherspoon. “We had already reached a very high level,” says Monika Roos, head of the workshop: “So I was surprised at what Kevin Tarte was able to tease out of the students.

Kevin Tarte’s husband, Rainer Roos, was able to win over the Seattle-based musical professional, who is known from the Stuttgart productions of “Beauty and the Beast” and “Dance of the Vampires,” for an all-day workshop. He knew Rainer Roos in 2009 from Magdeburg, says Kevin Tarte: Under the musical direction of Roos, he had participated in the musical “Titanic”. With the ensemble of “Natürlich Blond,” he worked primarily on his voice and stage presence in individual and group training, says Tarte: “For me, the main thing was to once again grow beyond himself and become more confident.” This was “absolutely successful. I am totally thrilled with the performance and the charisma of the ensemble,” says Kevin Tarte at the premiere.

“It was really amazing what Kevin Tarte got out of us,” says 16-year-old Madita Kalmbach, who in one of the main roles, as antagonist Vivienne Kensington (other main roles: Anastasia Ristovski, Jonas Böhme, Jonathan Binz), earns plenty of applause at the premiere: Although already stage-experienced, among other things the exercises of Kevin Tarte for more stage presence would have “brought her a lot”. The techniques she learned for more self-confidence “also help me in my everyday life,” says Madita Kalmbach. Whether training in singing, stage presence or self-confidence: The workshop with Kevin Tarte was “extremely fun and totally brought a lot,” confirms 16-year-old Frederic Riemer, who wowed the audience in the role of law professor Callahan.

Further performances of “Naturally Blond” in the auditorium of Sindelfingen’s Goldberg Gymnasium at 7 p.m. on March 10, 11, 12 (5 p.m.), 16 and 17. Further information under www.goldberg-gymnasium.de in the Internet. (SZBZ 6. March 2023)


Hildrizhausen wants to slow down the pace

The Schönbuch community hopes for a maximum speed of 40 kilometers per hour on the entire local thoroughfare.

Hildrizhausen. Although the agenda item hardly led to any discussion at the municipal council meeting, and all members of the body were able to quickly agree on the administration’s proposal, Mayor Matthias Schöck explained this proposal in detail, taking into account the different interests. “From my perspective, there is no right or wrong in this matter,” Schöck said. “One should respect and accept the other opinion in each case.”

The Hildrizhausen municipal council agreed to the administration’s proposal, which provides for a traffic law order to limit the speed to 40 kilometers per hour along the through road between the two traffic circles that enclose the village in the direction of Altdorf and Herrenberg – that is: on the L1184, the Altdorfer and Herrenberger Straße. In addition, the administration is to work towards ensuring that such a restriction is also imposed on the K1000, the Hölderlinstraße in the direction of Ehningen, as far as possible.

According to Matthias Schöck, there is only a weak legal basis for a speed limit in the direction of Ehningen. In the core area of Hildrizhausen between the junction of the K1000 and Zeppelinstraße from the L1184, the speed could be reduced to 30 kilometers per hour based on a noise action plan that was already presented to the municipal council in 2018 in accordance with EU regulations. In the area of Hölderlinstraße, the traffic volume is not high enough to justify such a plan. In addition, this area is not considered a particular danger or accident black spot – which is not obvious to every local council member. However, the Gustav-Fischer-Stift is located on Hölderlinstraße, which opens up the possibility of speed reduction to protect weaker road users.

The municipality does not want to introduce a 30 km/h speed limit in the town, even though the legal basis exists. The decisive factor for this is, on the one hand, a position paper from the transport association, which shows the extent to which travel times in local public transport are delayed by 30 km/h, circulation times increase, and connections are missed. “This is quite understandable,” says Matthias Schöck. On the other hand, in a survey conducted by the municipal administration, residents of the L1184 were not only in favor of a speed limit: “We also received feedback from residents who said: please don’t reduce the speed under any circumstances.” Craft businesses also cited longer driving and working hours as reasons against 30 km/h speed limits.

Hildrizhausen now hopes that the extension of the zone with speed 40 over the area affected by the noise action plan will be possible on the entire through route and in the direction of Ehningen. From the direction of Altdorf, a protective lane for cyclists is to be created on the right-hand side of the road – a point to which the traffic authority also attaches great importance. At the same time, a left-turn lane is to be created towards Zeppelinstrasse in the direction of Altdorf, which will exclude parking in this area in the future. (SZBZ 6. März 2023)


Stuttgart Spring Festival (Frühlingsfest) 2023 – These beer tents will be there

After the spring festival had to do without beer tents last year due to COVID, the party is now returning to the Wasen in addition to the rides and booths. The organizers offer visitors five tents. In addition to the familiar ones, a Stuttgart newcomer is also taking part this year: the “Königsalm” of festival host Nina Renoldi is celebrating its premiere.


With around 3,800 seats, the Weeber family’s festival tent offers plenty of room for a good atmosphere. Seats can be booked in the central nave and in alcoves that are a little away from the hustle and bustle. There are also seats in the gallery and in the Hofbräu Lounge. Reservations can be made via the Wasenwirt’s website and start at around 35 euros per person.

Grandl’s Hofbräu

The Grandl’s Hofbräu tent is the place to party to a variety of party bands and DJs during the three-week spring festival. Reservations are available in the center aisle. The Pilsbar, the Grandl Lounge and the Hofbräu Lounge on the sides of the tent are also waiting for their visitors and can also be booked via the Grandl’s homepage. It starts here from about 40 euros per person.


Visitors to the Göckelesmaier also have a choice between the classic middle loge and the quieter corners of the tent. In the Maiers Loge, you have an overview of the action and can celebrate a little more quietly and enjoy the spring festival. The Bierbock, Pilsbar and Frühlingsloge also invite you to linger. Reservations are possible via the homepage of the Göckelesmaier. Depending on the day of the week and the option chosen, prices start at around 27 euros.


The Almhüttendorf is a special concept that also includes the Königsalm. In addition to the tent, it is also possible to party outside under the Wasenhimmel umbrella. Guests can also visit their own booths here, such as a traditional costume stores and carousels. The Almhüttendorf is inspired by a “trip to Tyrol,” which is supposed to bring an alpine flair to Stuttgart. More information can be found on the Almhüttendorf’s homepage.


New at the spring festival is the Königsalm tent host Nina Renoldi. To the choice for all celebration-joyful ones the central nave, the window boxes at the sides and the heart bar stand. The special feature of this tent is that the building is made of wood from old mountain farms. This festival tent also offers a varied program with various bands. Reservations are possible on the Königsalm homepage and start from 35 euros per person. (Stuttgarter Nachichten, Mar 3, 2023)


Daycare center strike in the Böblingen district on Wednesday

The signs are again on strike. The trade union Verdi is calling for work stoppages in the public sector across the country on Wednesday. The employee representatives demand in view of the strong price increases of the past months 10.5 per cent or at least 500 euro more wages. Since the strike day takes place on International Women’s Day, the walkouts are mainly concentrated in areas where the female quota is high. Verdi says that especially employees in daycare centers, clinics and administrations are called to stop work on Wednesday.  In addition, the workforces in the social and educational service and affiliated areas will be on strike, as well.  In the Böblingen district, however,  at least the hospitals will probably be spared. According to the Klinikverbund Südwest, operations in the hospitals should continue as normal.  It is still unclear at the moment whether the employees of the waste management company will go on strike again, which would leave garbage standing in many places as it did last week. In addition a spokeswoman of the district Böblingen says, this is only on the actual strike day on Wednesday certain. Only then the employees must announce, when and for how long they stop work. Last Tuesday, the collection of all recycling and paper garbage cans was cancelled without replacement, as was the collection of organic waste in Sindelfingen, Darmsheim and Maichingen.  (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Mar 7, 2023)


Böblingen: Delicious Burgers on Tübinger Straße

Enjoy burgers, lamb chops and beef fillets like a Billionaire. The modernly furnished restaurant in Böblingen is run by Mert Evci together with his parents. “Our food tastes unique and our service is special,” he says. The interior is kept dark with golden details, the room is supported by a tree-like element in the middle. The menu includes homemade sodas, a variety of salads and burgers. “Our Cheeselover burger goes down especially well with our homemade burger sauce,” says Mert Evci.

In the summer, guests can enjoy their meal on the large outdoor patio. “We also specialize in events – our event manager advises our customers on all aspects so that the celebration is unforgettable,” says Mert Evci.  Opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday from 5 to 10 p.m.  My favorite: The crispy chicken burger with sweet potato fries and a passion fruit spritzer.  (BB.heute.de, Mar 7, 2023)


Italian specialties from Monday, March 6. – Schönaich: Gentile opens its restaurant

Already the opening of the supermarket of “Gentile Gusto” at the new location within Schönaich was very well received by customers. Now the date for the opening of the restaurant is also set.   Starting next Monday, March 6, lovers of Italian cuisine will be spoiled in Gutenbergstraße. The website with menu is not quite ready yet. Here one can reserve in the future also on-line a table. Everything to the specialty market can be seen already on the internet at www.gentilegusto.de . (BB.heute.de, Mar 1)