Local news translated – March 6, 2023

Graphic by U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart Public Affairs Office

Host Nation Update, March 6, 2023


Residential building in Köllestraße partially collapsed

Stuttgarter Zeitung

Large-scale operation for the fire department: After an explosion in a residential building in the west of Stuttgart, an 85-year-old resident is still missing, four people are in the hospital.

Part of the house on Köllestraße near Kräherwald collapsed in the night to Monday, the other one was in flames, as the Stuttgart Fire Department announced in the early morning.

Four people, including two children, were injured and taken to hospitals. Nothing is yet known about their health condition.

According to the spokesman of the Stuttgart police, adjacent houses were also affected, several residents had to leave their homes for a short time and were accommodated in buses. However, they have since been able to return to their homes. Cars parked in front of the house were damaged, and one was completely burned out, a fire department spokesman said.

Firefighting efforts continued through the morning. “The fire is contained, but not yet extinguished,” the fire department spokesman said. Task forces of the Technical Relief Agency are now also on site with special equipment, he said.


The liberal dreamer was controversial as a monarch

Stuttgarter Zeitung

He was considered liberal, interested in art and sensitive, but he preferred to leave the governing to his wife, Queen Olga: On Monday, King Karl, the third regent of Württemberg, would have turned 200. Historians today regard his homosexuality as proven.

The reign of King Karl, the third monarch of Württemberg, lasted 27 years. Under him, the strict socialist laws of Reich Chancellor Bismarck were considerably milder in Württemberg. In 1864, the year of his enthronement, the only son of King Wilhelm I restored freedom of the press and of association, and in March 1868 universal, equal, direct and secret suffrage was introduced for the people’s deputies. The rights of Catholics were particularly important to him.

Opinions about King Charles differed

Contemporaries’ opinions of Charles, who was born on March 6, 1823, differed widely. Some praised him as a liberal regent because he did not adhere to the old ideal of an absolute monarchy. Tsar Nicholas, his father-in-law, praised the “nobility of his attitude and manner. The Bavarian envoy in Stuttgart, however, considered the mild regent a “simpleton” and “hardly worth mentioning.” Imperial Chancellor Bismarck was a fan of Queen Olga, Charles’s wife. He called her “the only man at the Württemberg court.


Böblingen: The Ferris wheel is already the shining star on the airfield

Sz/BZ Dirk Hamann

The City Star on the airfield has been erected, and after sunset 100,000 LED lights already illuminate the 70-meter-high Ferris wheel: But it will be a few more days before the first guests can board the 48 fully air-conditioned and enclosed gondolas. First, the Göbel family of showmen from Worms must complete the remaining work necessary for operation. Then there will be test rides, cleaning, commissioning and then the acceptance for use by the city. From Friday, March 10, visitors will then be allowed to board and enjoy a ride of around 15 minutes above the roofs of Motorworld, offering them views over Böblingen, Sindelfingen and far into Schönbuch.

The largest traveling Ferris wheel with a total weight of 400 tons had already made stops in London and most recently in Ludwigsburg. The project gained momentum in September, when Michael Scholz from the Ludwigsburg event sponsors got into conversation with CCBS managing director Thomas Fenzl at the Reeperbahnfestival in Hamburg, who said that there was a decent amount of space available on the airfield. Until June 11, the City Star, which with its 6-seater gondolas offers space for a total of 288 people, is now parked on the fairground in front of Motorworld.

Tickets (adults 12 euros, reduced 9 euros, children 6 euros, families 32 euros) can be purchased on site at the ticket booth from March 10, but to shorten waiting times in case of high visitor numbers, it is recommended to buy the tickets in advance on the Internet. More information and tickets are available online at www.riesenrad-citystar.de.


Schönaich: Jumping to the sky with US-Marines

Adriano Conev puts in a hard effort. In the obstacle course, he grabs his buddy Mika and drags him to the next designated mark. Then he goes into a sprint through the Schönaich gym. Back to the others. Don’t waste any time in the relay competition!

Marines fitness program

Physical education in a different way at the Johann-Bruecker-Realschule in Schönaich. Sports teacher Frank Heer stands on the edge and watches as his sixth graders swirl through the hall. Sergeant David Myers sets the clear tone today. The Gym hall gets quite loud as the students cheer each other on. Together with ten other Marines from the Panzer Kaserne , they  came over to the school to show the Schönaicher offsprings an excerpt from the fitness program that every naval soldier has to undergo.

“The Marines have approached us and have offered us joint actions within the framework good neighborly relationships,” says Mirjam Schrade. The Böblinger woman is an English teacher at the Johann-Brücker-Realschule and already had a class visit from the Marines in her classes three weeks ago. To have a conversation with native speakers, who may talk a little differently than what we are used to in class. It’s great! Especially since a few question can be raised behind those fences at Panzer Kaserne,  “When I jog passed the armored barracks, I wonder, ‘What are they doing there?'” says the teacher.

“To the sky”

The sixth graders now get one of many answers in the Schönaicer gym. Sergeant David Myers gives the instructions, calls out the exercises, and assigns groups. Let’s start warming up. Classics such as side lunges and Jumping jacks are not missing from the Marines workout either. During the hop run, Sergeant Myers shouts: ” Jump to the sky.” This is the only way to benefit the body extension and strengthen the ankle joints. The fact that the arm circle is counted and the students exclaim every third number out loud sounds a little military at first, but on the one hand makes the effort easier and also strengthens the team spirit. Accordingly, Mirjam Schrade says: “Today, the fun and camaraderie is in the forefront”

With muscles and brains

And the fun increases  – especially with the competition which makes the whole thing a bit more exciting. But not only the muscles play a great part in this but also the head is required to muster up the perfect strategy.

SZBZ Thursday 2. March , 2023