Local news translated – Feb. 28, 2023

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Host Nation Update, Feb. 28, 2023

Stuttgart 21 opponents confront construction mayor

A group of the action alliance against Stuttgart 21 has come unannounced to the office of the green mayor of Stuttgart, Peter Pätzold, to demonstrate against the city’s building policy. The city and the alliance present the event differently.

With an unannounced protest action at Stuttgart City Hall, a group of activists from the Action Alliance against Stuttgart 21 demonstrated against what they see as Stuttgart’s anti-climate building and housing policies. Half a dozen protesters peacefully entered the office of Stuttgart’s mayor for construction, Peter Pätzold, and engaged him in a debate about the negative consequences of Stuttgart 21 for the city’s climate.

The construction mayor ignores negative consequences for the city in the development of the former train station area that he is pushing forward, the group said in a subsequently published statement: “The development of the current track apron with a new city district, doggedly pursued by Pätzold, restricts the nightly cooling and slows down the outflow of hot air towards the Neckar.”

Protesters call for abandonment of development

For reasons of climate protection, they said, the city should examine whether it would not be advisable to forego the development. The group also criticized the uncoupling of the Gaeubahn from the main train station and held Stuttgart 21 partly responsible for the current housing crisis in Stuttgart because of the development of the future Rosenstein district, which has been delayed for many years.

Office occupation or harmless chat?

The protesters, who were equipped with sleeping bags and also lay down demonstratively in the office for a while, called their appearance an “office occupation.” The city, on the other hand, speaks of a mere 20-minute action, which essentially consisted of an intensive exchange of views. Of a “chat without registration” spoke Sven Matis, press speaker of the city: “The mayor meets with many initiatives and associations, so also these interested ones.” The conversation had then also ended without any special incidents.

27.02.2023 Stuttgarter Zeitung


A gourmet fair around the wine

Literature and wine in Marbach: This weekend, the Wein Lese Tage (Wine Harvest Days) will once again take place in the town hall on Schillerhöhe. The focus is on regional products, but there is also a large supporting program. And on Sunday, the wine princess Lisa-Marie Blatt will come.

A little more than 20 liters of wine are consumed per year and per nose in Germany. Which drops the consumer chooses depends on many factors. One of them is regionality. This is where the Wein Lese Tage Marbach and Bottwartal come in. The enjoyment fair, which takes place on March 4 and 5 in Marbach, offers exactly that: wine from here. In addition, there are regional specialties and spiritual food.

Regional wines are the focus of the event. Each visitor is given a tasting glass and is then spoiled for choice. The winemakers from the Marbach and Bottwartal region – seven self-marketers and four cooperatives – have a total of more than 80 different wines on offer. Among them are the wineries Sankt Annagarten, Schlossgut Hohenbeilstein and Gemmrich from Beilstein, the wineries Schäfer, Forsthof and Graf Adelmann from Kleinbottwar and the winery Herzog von Württemberg from Ludwigsburg. On the part of the cooperatives, Weingärtner Marbach, Weinfactum, Bottwartaler Winzer, and Lauffener Weingärtner are also taking part.

“As a visitor, you can get carried away by the pleasure produced on your doorstep,” says Württemberg’s wine princess Lisa-Marie Blatt. She will be on site on Sunday, an event like this is obligatory for her, says the 25-year-old. She is a trained winemaker and studied oenology, so tasting wines is part of her daily routine. “For me, it’s a great enrichment to be able to taste wine in such a bundled way at an event like this. You always learn something new.”

Lisa-Marie Blatt comes from Brackenheim, which, connected via the Neckar Valley, is not far from the Bottwartal. “I know how beautiful it is there,” she says. “A great location with delicious wines that have a nice richness and fruitiness and spread great pleasure.” For her, “a great start to the tasting spring.”

The wine princess is not the only one who wants to talk and exchange ideas with and about wine; the exhibitors do too, and there will be plenty of opportunity to do so on both days of the fair. But it is also certain that the cultural, musical and literary enjoyment will not be neglected. On the program are different guidances by the literature museum of the modern age and literature walks outside. Mike Janipka will perform under the headings of wine and music, and there will be a wine thriller with speaker Rudolf Guckelsberger and the duo Hearts and Bones. There will be quirky stories and rousing music by Thomas Weber and James Geier, donated stories with the Get Shorties as well as readings, and, and, and . . .

On the stage in the Stadthalle, the individual winemakers will be presented on both days of the fair. The moderation will be done by Karin Götz, the head of the joint editorial office of the Ludwigsburg district, and Holger Gayer, the managing editor and wine columnist of the Stuttgarter Zeitung and Stuttgarter Nachrichten. “We are already very much looking forward to all visitors. Being able to enjoy home together is much nicer than sitting alone in a quiet room,” says Gayer, who has special ties to the Ludwigsburg district: “I grew up here and also work very hard with my colleagues to provide our readers with the best possible articles from the district every day – in the printed newspaper as well as on all digital channels.”


The Wine Harvest Days at the Stadthalle Schillerhöhe in Marbach will be open from 2 to 8 p.m. on Saturday, March 4, and from 1 to 6 p.m. on Sunday, March 5.


The ticket costs 20 euros in advance and includes the use of the VVS, the tasting of wines, samples of regional producers and the side program of the fair. Tickets are available at all known advance sales points of Easy Ticket as well as digitally on the Internet at www.easyticket.de and by phone at 07 11 / 2 55 55 55 and at all exhibitors. Tickets at the box office cost 23 euros.


The Gewandeten – a group of people dressed in 18th century garb – will welcome visitors to Schillerhöhe and help them with any questions they may have.

28.02.2023 – 11:52 Uhr Stuttgarter Zeitung


As of Monday closure from Ehningen to Gärtringen

On Monday, March 6, work will begin on the next section of the cycle path between Ehningen and Gärtringen. This means a 6-month closure for motorists.

Ehningen / Gärtringen. On Monday, March 6, construction work will begin on the next, 1.6-kilometer-long section of the cycle path near Ehningen in the direction of Gärtringen.

From March 6 until the end of August, the district road in the direction of Gärtringen will be closed from the intersection of Hildrizhauser Straße to the junction of Nordwestliche Randstraße. The detour for car traffic will be via the highway. Bicycle traffic will be diverted within the town. Coming from Gärtringen, there are no restrictions.

Closure in the night to Monday

For the installation of the detour, a nightly full closure of the section of road is necessary from Sunday, March 5, 9 p.m. to Monday, March 6, 5 a.m..

The construction costs amount to around 1.4 million euros. The state of Baden-Württemberg is supporting the planning and construction of the measure with a total subsidy of 90 percent of the construction costs. The remaining gap from Ehninger Waagstraße to Böblinger Straße will then also be closed in 2024 and the section of the cycle path in Ehningen will thus be completed.

Von Annette Nüssle · 27.02.2023


Strikes in Stuttgart and other cities

In the collective bargaining for the public service, Verdi wants to increase the pressure. The union announces strikes in public transport in numerous cities at the end of the week. The action will be carried out together with activists from Fridays for Future. Six federal states are affected.

The trade union Verdi plans to paralyze public transport in numerous cities in several federal states with warning strikes on Friday. Affected are mainly Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Baden-Württemberg, Saxony, Lower Saxony and Rhineland-Palatinate, as the union announced. Actions are also planned in individual cities such as Munich. The walkouts are intended to increase the pressure in the collective bargaining for the public service of the municipalities and the federal government.

The warning strikes are to coincide with a global climate strike by the Fridays for Future climate movement this Friday. “We want to combine the global climate strike day with the 200 actions of

Fridays for Future with warning strikes in local public transport,” said Verdi deputy leader Christine Behle. “A transport turnaround will not be possible without investing in employees as well.”

NtV  28.02.2023


Local traffic in Baden-Württemberg

Strike in Stuttgart and other cities

Verdi has called on public transport workers in Stuttgart to go on strike.

strike.  For Friday, the trade union Verdi has called local public transport workers in eight cities in Baden-Württemberg to strike. Stuttgart is also affected. Those who want to use local transport on Friday are likely to be affected in Stuttgart, Freiburg, Mannheim, Heilbronn, Ulm, Esslingen, Constance and Baden-Baden. The trade union Verdi called on Tuesday the employees of the public public transport (ÖPNV) in the eight cities to strike all day. Background is the collective dispute in the public Service of the federation and the municipalities. The union expects that in no public transport services in the affected cities on Friday. There are similar calls in five other German states.

Unions reject offer

The employers had presented an offer in the second round of nationwide negotiations in Potsdam on Thursday in the second round on Thursday. The unions immediately rejected it. The offer includes, among other things, a total pay increase of five percent in two steps and one-off payments totaling 2,500 euros. Verdi and the civil servants’ association dbb are demanding 10.5 percent more income, but at least 500 euros more per month. The employers’ side had described the demands as “not affordable”. Already on Tuesday, Verdi had recorded the largest warning strike day so far in Baden-Wuerttemberg registered. More than 2100 employees in Baden-Baden and Rastatt, in the districts of Rems-Murr and Böblingen, in Tübingen and the clinics in hospitals in Ehingen and Blaubeuren (both in the Alb-Donau district) went on a full-day union on Tuesday all day to stop work, a spokesman said spokesman.

28.02.2023  Stuttgarter Zeitung