Local news translated – Feb 15, 2024

Graphic by U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart Public Affairs Office

Host Nation Update, Feb. 15, 2024

A 81 in Böblingen Autobahn will be fully closed at the weekend

Drivers in the Böblingen district will need to be patient this coming weekend, as the A 81 will be closed in both directions between the Böblingen-Hulb and Sindelfingen-Ost exits. At the end of the carnival vacations, of all times, when a lot of return traffic is expected.

The closure will begin on Friday, February 16, at 10 pm and is expected to last until Monday, February 19, at 5 am. The reason: the excavators are biting away the old bridge between Sindelfinger Strasse and Böblinger Strasse after the new bridge went into operation in December. Because the Autobahn is being widened from four to six lanes, all the bridges between Sindelfingen and Böblingen will have to be gradually demolished because they no longer have the necessary span for a six-lane highway.

Residents living along the detour route that runs through Sindelfingen will also need good nerves at the weekend. As with the previous full closures, traffic will be diverted from Mahdentalstraße via Neckarstraße and Calwer Straße to the B 464, from where it will rejoin the A 81.  Why does this closure have to happen at the end of the vacations of all times? Pia Verheyen, press spokeswoman for the project company Deges, explains this with the time constraints of the overall project. The demolition of the old bridge is now the next necessary step, other sections can only be tackled afterwards.

Other measures on the highway network, events in the surrounding area and, if possible, vacation dates – which was not possible this time, however.  The demolition of the old bridge will take place relatively quickly. If everything goes according to plan, the actual demolition will be completed by midday on Saturday. The demolition material will then be removed and disposed of.  Even pedestrians and cyclists will not be spared from the construction work. The footpath and cycle path to the east of the new bridge will have to be closed again at the weekend.  The new Rankbachbahn bridge has also been finished for about a year. And in April, the bridge over Calwer Strasse and Böblinger Strasse will be completed. Concrete work has already begun on the 850-metre-long noise protection cover.  The upcoming bridge demolition and closure is a Herculean organizational task for Deges. A total of ten construction companies are involved and their work has to be coordinated in terms of time and space. The project company is also coordinating with numerous authorities. (SN Feb 13, 2024)


Weather in Stuttgart – Up to 17 degrees and sunshine – the next few days will be spring-like

On Wednesday, temperatures in Stuttgart climbed from three degrees in the morning to up to 14 degrees at lunchtime and the sun shone for more than an hour. That’s spring fever, and not just because it’s Valentine’s Day. “The next few days will be really spring-like”, says a spokesperson for the German Weather Service (DWD) in Stuttgart. The DWD calls it spring-like when temperatures reach 15 degrees.

“On Thursday it will be up to 16 degrees, on Friday up to 17 degrees”, said the DWD spokesperson. Thursday will be dry and cloudy, but sunny. On Friday, it will remain dry, still cloudy and the sun will only peek out occasionally. “But these are still unusual temperatures for this time of year,” said the DWD spokesperson.

An approaching cold front will bring colder weather again on Saturday night. Temperatures will not rise above twelve degrees and rain is expected until midday. The rest of Saturday and Sunday will remain dry and at a maximum of 12 degrees, with the sun also hiding behind clouds on Sunday. “Next week it will stay around ten degrees, which is more in line with the current season,” said the DWD spokesperson. (SN, Feb 15, 2024)


Tips for the weekend

Although, Faschin may be over, but there are still some great days ahead this weekend for anyone who doesn’t want to spend the evening at home in front of the TV. Those who would rather go dancing instead have the chance to do so on Friday evening from 9 pm at the Club Lounge with DJ “Juicycology” at the “Blaues Haus” in Böblingen.

For those who like their dancing to be a little more glamorous and sporty, the Böblingen Congress Hall is the place to be on Saturday from 7 pm. The Rot-Weiß Böblingen Dance Sports Club will be presenting the state Latin championships for the S class in the main group. The evening with gala ball promises dance sport at the highest level. If you like, you can shake a leg to the music of the Filder-Express band.

The contrasting program to the dance gala will take place on Saturday from 8 p.m. at the Pavillon Sindelfingen. IG Kultur will be giving up-and-coming musicians a stage there as part of its “Shooting Bands” series. The program includes “hopepunk” (whatever that is) with the band Sündflut from Bempflingen and 90s grunge in the Seattle sound with the four gentlemen from Maeglin, a band from the greater Stuttgart area.

On Friday, “Hiss”, a band that took a different path in the grunge years and pursued it consistently, will be coming to the Herrenberger Mauerwerk. The formation around accordionist and singer Stefan Hiss stands for polka ‘n’ roll. It’s fun and gets your legs moving. The show starts at 8 pm. For those who prefer hops to hopping (i.e. to music . . .), we recommend Steffen Volkmer’s lecture at the Städtische Galerie Böblingen on Saturday at 7 pm. The beer sommelier, journalist and comic expert will be presenting the graphic novel “Bier – Ein Streifzug durch die Geschichte des Bieres” (a tour through the history of beer), which is an exhibition, and combines the lecture with a beer tasting. (SN, Feb 15, 2024)