Local news translated – Dec. 14, 2022

Graphic by U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart Public Affairs Office

Host Nation Update, Dec. 14, 2022 

Frost in Baden-Württemberg – Layer of ice on the roads – where it is particularly dangerous

Freezing rain in the south, snow in the north: The weather on Wednesday brings dangers for many people. In an official severe weather warning, the German Weather Service warned of black ice in parts of Baden-Württemberg. “The precipitation is so heavy that the ice cover is growing so that widespread black ice is to be expected,” said a DWD meteorologist. During the morning, there will be a severe weather warning, he added.  Large parts of southern Baden to Upper Swabia and possibly the Swabian Alb will be affected, according to the report. Freezing rain immediately forms a slippery surface on the roads,” the meteorologist said. Significant traffic obstructions are expected.  On Twitter, the DWD published a map with particularly dangerous spots in Baden-Württemberg:  In the northern half of Baden-Württemberg, the first snow was already moving in from the west.

Meanwhile slippery roads have led to several accidents in the morning in southern Baden. One motorist was slightly injured, according to police. In Gaggenau (district of Rastatt), a driver hit a wall with his vehicle and sustained minor injuries.

The Freiburg police also reported several accidents: One car had slid into a guardrail, among other things, and two others had crashed into a wall. In addition, one driver drove his vehicle off the road and stopped in a ditch. However, no one was injured in the accidents. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Dec 14)

Another power outage in Ludwigsburg in the morning

On Wednesday morning, the power went out again in parts of Ludwigsburg – the second time within a few hours. According to a police spokesman on Wednesday, the first power outage began on Tuesday afternoon at about 5:30 p.m. and lasted a little more than two hours. The cause was still unclear.  The second power outage followed on Wednesday morning and lasted from 4:10 am to 6:30 am. According to the police spokesman, the reason was probably a defect in a transformer station. The two power outages affected the Ludwigsburg district of Oßweil. According to the city’s website, around 10,800 people live there. However, he did not know how many households were actually affected. (Stgt Nachrichten, Dec 14)

Sindelfingen street theater on December 17 – “Christ’s birth” will be shown at the historic old town

On Saturday, December 17, “Christ’s birth” will be shown at different places around the Sindelfingen historic old town where the Christmas story becomes alive with acting and music.

A piece of the Middle Ages and modern street theater at the same time – played, sung by professionals, amateurs and residents of the old town: The “Sindelfinger Christgeburt” is a cooperation of the choirs and ensembles of the Martinskirche and the Office for Culture of the City of Sindelfingen tis Saturday, December 17, at 6:30 p.m. The stations of the play are in front of the City Museum, Kurze Gasse, Schaffhauser Platz, in front of and in St. Martin’s Church. The play has been held every two years since 1996 and is a community experience that has become a tradition.

The Sindelfingen children’s and youth choir, the women’s ensemble of the Cappella Nuova, instrumentalists, actors and actresses from various Sindelfingen theater groups, actors and actresses from the community, brass ensemble, percussion and organ will all participate. The musical director is church music director Daniel Tepper.

In Sindelfingen’s Nativity, the Christmas story from the announcement of Jesus’ birth to Herod’s infanticide is played, sung and played to music. The old town of Sindelfingen provides the external setting.  In front of the backdrop of the City Museum (Old City Hall), Mary meets the angel Gabriel and she learns that she will give birth to a son. Mary and Joseph follow the commandment of Emperor Augustus and go to Bethlehem with a donkey. In Kurze Gasse the search for a shelter of Mary and Joseph is shown. On Schaffhauser Platz, the astrologers prepare for their journey to Bethlehem. On the forecourt of St. Martin’s Church, the Archangel Gabriel surprises the sleeping shepherds and announces the birth of Jesus to them. The angels sing the Gloria, and in St. Martin’s Church the play continues. Instead of an entrance fee, they will ask for a donation  to cover expenses. (Stgt Nachrichten, Dec 14)

Significant increase in the number of influenza cases reported in Stuttgart

Fever Station Neckarpark fever outpatient clinic as an additional service to hospital care and pediatric care will be open between the holidays as well. As the public health department reported on Tuesday, December 13, the number of influenza. Influenza reports in Stuttgart is increasing significantly. Prof. Stefan Ehehalt, head of the Stuttgart Health Department, said: “In the months of August and September, there were a total of September there were still 17 reports, but this month we have already received 322 cases of influenza were reported to us this month. This development fits the nationwide trend.” Thus According to the Robert Koch Institute, the number of outpatient visits to the doctor in Germany is currently reached in a range that was otherwise only reached in peak weeks of strong flu waves. In around half of the cases, the respiratory infections are currently caused by influenza viruses, while RSV has been detected in 15 percent. At 4 percent, however, the proportion of SARS-CoV-2 is currently relatively low. Based on this, the head of the public health department emphasizes: “It remains important to implement the existing recommendations. These include, among other things, vaccination against COVID-19, influenza and pneumococcus according to the STIKO. Pneumococcus.” The state capital, together with the Stuttgart medical community, has established the established the fever outpatient clinic aka Fever Station, as a complementary medical service to the hospital care. The aim is to reduce the number of emergency hospitals and doctors’ offices – especially in the winter months. Children, adolescents and adults with respiratory infections who are unable to get an appointment at their family doctor’s or pediatrician’s office due to the current high volume of patients can go to the fever center can present themselves at the Neckarpark fever outpatient clinic. The Appointments can be made online at www.fieberambulanz-neckarpark.de .” The fever outpatient clinic Neckarpark is also open on all working days between the holidays. Only on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, the fever outpatient clinic is closed. will be closed. No referral slip is necessary to be seen at this facility.