RBES students present great American summer road trips

Story and photos by Janis Renninger

Need travel plans for a summer visit to the States? Ever wanted to find out what you could do on a road trip across the USA? The 4th graders at Robinson Barracks Elementary School can give you some excellent advice about places to see and explore all around America.

One of the important Social Studies standards for the 4th grade is learning all about the geography and resources of the United States. Teachers Galen Nagel and Jim Clark put together an assignment that went beyond memorizing state capitals and reading about states in books. Students spent the entire 4th quarter learning about states and national parks, completing research, and using technology skills to create and publish informational brochures.

The unit culminated with a State and National Parks Fair held June 8. All students and 4th grade parents were invited to attend to visit the exhibitors and 4th grade “travel agents.” The students created displays, maps, brochures, and even food from their respective states and national parks to share. Their job was to “sell” their state or park to the visitors at the exhibition.

The students did an amazing job showing just how many places of natural wonder, adventure, fun, and culture our great country of the USA has to offer all ages.

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