RBES 5th graders experience the journey of Lewis and Clark

By Janis Renninger
RBES Public Affairs

As part of a 5th grade U.S. History Social Studies unit,  students of Robinson Barracks Elementary explored what Lewis and Clark’s journey into the frontier of the United States in the 1800’s would have been like, June 9.

Teachers Judi Hurston and Dori Weinberg collaborated to allow their students look through the eyes of an ancestor of one of the members of the Lewis and Clark expeditionary corps. Each student was assigned a member of the expedition in addition to reading the text, “Lewis and Clark” by George Sullivan.

The students then researched their ancestor, created timelines, used maps, and created artifacts to culminate with an interactive journal. They then presented their findings to fellow students, faculty, and parents from RBES.

The students discovered many hardships these great explorers faced and they gained a new appreciation for their great homeland – the United States of America.

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