Stuttgart High School dress code enforced in new school year

A message from the Stuttgart High School Principal David Carlisle

School year 2017/18 is on the way so we would like to take a moment to review the school’s appropriate dress policy.

At Stuttgart High School we do our best to ensure that all of our stakeholders have a voice in any policy or expectations that are set by the school. Since our beginning, we have worked with our local community to establish clear parameters for dress during school and school sponsored events.

The chart provided below places the expectations into context so that both you and your students have a clear “picture” of the appropriate appearance guidelines for SHS. The following are some things to note that have come up this school year but may require further clarification.

Students should come dressed for success, and all clothing should be appropriate for an educational setting focusing on comfort, safety, and education. Inclement weather may be more common than not during the winter months.

Appropriate attire is essential and safety must be taken into high consideration. Because fads in dress and grooming are subject to sudden and sometimes radical change, a basic rule to remember is that student dress and grooming should not be suggestive, indecent, or unusual as to detract from the classroom environment. Final determination of acceptable dress code and grooming rests with school administration.

If a student does not have clothing readily available to meet these standards while at school, parents will be called to bring appropriate clothing or contacted to prevent future violations. Repeat violations of the dress code will result in disciplinary actions.