SHS shows appreciation through Single Soldier Project

A Soldier smiles happily as he receives a bag at his dorm from Stuttgart High School students during Military Appreciation Month in May. Photo by Jalen Coston

By Alaynah Luttrell
DODE-Europe School News

A life lived overseas, away from family and those who care about you, can leave one feeling alone. For two years, teacher, Shana Blankenship has coordinated a massive effort to provide single service members with a little love, attention, and appreciation. After taking donations and getting help from many Stuttgart High School students and teachers, Blankenship, Chef Huebner, Lisa Robinson, and Linda Santiago escorted a large group of students to the single Soldier dorms, where they left 150 “star-spangled” gift bags. German chocolate, homemade cookies from their culinary arts classes and other handmade treats, bottles of water, and an assortment of candies filled these tokens of acknowledgement.

“We could not do this without the effort of the entire SHS faculty and student body,” said Blankenship. “Everyone’s effort makes showing our appreciation that much more special.”

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