Share your stories with the Stuttgart community

Readers are encouraged to send announcements, stories and photos of interest to the garrison Public Affairs Office for inclusion in the Stuttgart Citizen online and social media.

Is there greatness in your unit or organization going unreported? Stories from all branches of service and local commands are welcome. Designate a volunteer writer or photographer to send in photos, or share the 5-W’s with the garrison Public Affairs Office and their staff writers will help make your story shine.

All community members are encouraged to submit information on any topic.

All stories should be recent. For example:

  • You’ve just come back from vacation with a camera full of terrific photos and the memories of a lifetime… submit a travel story and send your best shots;
  • Your child’s underdog sport team just beat a rival team; write a sports story and send some photos of the winning plays;
  • A colleague was just awarded the best in his field or by higher headquarters — tell the community about it and send a photo of him/her doing the job that earned praise;
  • You just attended the best fest ever that no one knows about … yet — share the secret with the Stuttgart community.

Announcements for all on-post community events are always also welcome.

Off-post events and activities can be added to the Culture Events calendar here.

Submissions for online/social media inclusion consideration may be sent via email to the Public Affairs Office at

Note: The garrison Public Affairs team responds to all emails received to the inbox address above. If you do not receive a reply within two business days, we likely did not receive the email. Contact DSN: 431-3104/5 for assistance and additional information.

For the garrison editorial policy and writing tips visit

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