The verdict is… SES students learn about US legal system

B. B. Wolf (Donovan Juby) gives testimony as Curly Pig (Will Heyen) objects during a play at Stuttgart Elementary School where students learn about the legal process, March 20, 2017. Photo by Daniel L’Esperance.
Kathy Morrow, 3rd grade teacher, leads a critical problem-solving discussion to determine the verdict of a mock trial held in class at Stuttgart Elementary School, March 20, 2017. Photo by by Daniel L’Esperance.

Third grade students at Stuttgart Elementary School studied all about how the legal process in the United States works in a civil case, March 20. After learning the what the different jobs are in the courtroom, the children selected parts, and put Curly Pig on trial for attempted bodily harm to B.B. Wolf.

All third grade classrooms were invited to attend, listen to the testimonies and determine the final verdict. At the end of the trial, the jury was asked to leave the courtroom to discuss the facts lead by the head juror (their classroom teacher). Once the jury returned to the courtroom, the head juror announced the verdict.

Today, Curly the Pig was found guilty, and was required to pay damages to the plaintiff.


Teacher, Daniel L’Esperance and the entire court-system cast of third grade students from Stuttgart Elementary School display their roles of the mock jury trial held in class, March 20, 2017. Photo by Nurten Chezik.